Dwight Watson - Mt Rainier Ski Attempt and Up-Ski Home

This 16mm film is silent, black and white, with a running time around 14 minutes. The film begins with scenes of skiing on the Cowlitz and Paradise Glaciers. These are followed by scenes high on Emmons Glacier, probably during the June 28, 1939 ski ascent to 12,000 feet by Watson, Andy Hennig and Erick Larson. The first complete ski ascent of Mt Rainier was made by Sigurd Hall, accompanied by Hennig, just four days after this trip. (Note: In the clip below, the opening scene of Larson and Hennig at their bivouac site was taken from "Northwest Mountain Skiing, B.C.")

The film concludes with "The Up-Ski Experiment" (1940) involving trick photography and a skier with a small back-mounted propeller. Bert Mortenson wears the propeller and a small cap. Matt Broze accepts a tow up the hill.

(Film notes and video clips by Lowell Skoog.)

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