Dwight Watson - Skiing in the Olympic Mountains Home
This 16mm film is silent, black and white, with a running time around 7 minutes. Based on the Dwight Watson interview tape at the University of Washington, I believe the Olympic Mountain footage is with Andy Hennig and Ernst Kassowitz, probably June 10, 1939. The film opens with a wonderful scene of an old automobile, loaded with skis, driving onto a ferry across Puget Sound. There are scenes of the skiers on the ferry, near a lake on the Olympic Penninsula, and hiking toward the high country. The ski footage was filmed above Olympic Hot Springs in the area between Appleton Pass and the High Divide. There are fine scenes of Mt Olympus and the Bailey Range. The film ends with a scene of Watson's companions lounging on a ridge. Note that this film was originally combined with the Mt Baker Traverse, but I separated it onto a separate reel.

(Film notes and video clip by Lowell Skoog.)

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