The Mountaineers - 1930 Summer Outing, Mt Rainier Home
This film is silent, black and white, with a running time around 64 minutes. The film depicts the 1930 Mountaineers Annual Outing to Mt Rainier. The outing encircled the mountain and made two attempts on the summit.

The complete film has captions preceding each section:

"The trip starts - Seattle to Rainier National Park"
The party mills around the Tacoma Bus Company office as their gear is loaded onto trucks. They load busses and later arrive at the National Park.
"Changing from wheels and tires to feet that tire. Here we begin our hike of 105 miles around the mountain"
Hikers unload busses at a traihead and don light packs. Much larger loads are arranged for loading onto a pack train. Hikers start up the trail past a tall waterfall (probably Comet Falls).
"Van Trump Park on south side of the mountain, our first camp"
Scenes of alpine meadows and the mountain rising above. Packers load baggage on horses.
"The second day by trail to Indian Henry's"
A brief morning scene a Van Trump, then the location changes to Indian Henry's Hunting Ground. Packers unload horses.
"The mountain from Mirror Lake, Indian Henry's"
Views of the South Tahoma Headwall reflected in the lake water. A family of bears flees from the camera. Hikers enjoy views of the Tahoma Glacier. Swimmers take a dip in the lake.
"Ned called us to the imporant events, from reveille at 5 a.m. to taps at 10 p.m., meals included"
Ned Meany blows a bugle.
"In the commissary - cooks, helpers and baker"
Five men pose for the camera as one scrubs a coffee pot.
"Meals were served cafeteria style. Lunch line"
The outdoor cafeteria is in a meadow next to a small cabin.
"High Line from Indian Henry's to Klapatchee Park"
Leaving the pack train below, the hikers travel off-trail across boulder fields, talus, meadows, snowfields, and the toe of a glacier. The mountain towers above. They pass St Andrews Lake and arrive at Klapatche Park.
"In and around Klapatchee Park"
Camp and kitchen scenes. A line of hikers takes a meadow walk. Sunset Ridge towers above the waters of Aurora Lake. A man secures a rope in a tree and Edmond Meany supervises the raising of the U.S. and Mountaineers flags. Hikers wash clothes in wash basins.
"Over spectacular Puyallup Glacier from Klapatchee to Sunset Park"
The hiking party departs, again leaving pack stock to follow the trail. They cross talus, snowfields and the glacier just below an icefall. Most party members use alpenstocks.
"COLD LUNCH on Puyallup Glacier"
The party sits below an icefall amid a thicket of alpenstocks.
"Clouds gathering which delayed our arrival in camp"
"Camp in Sunset Park"
The weather begins to change. In camp, hikers line up on a cloudy day to pack sack lunches.
"Spray Park lunch, dinner, and dish washing"
Clear weather returns. Climbers ascend Echo and Observation Rocks for views of the North Mowich Glacier. They return to camp in Spray Park and gather sack lunches.
"Phtarmigan in summer plumage"
A man with a camera pursues a bird on a snowfield.
"The 'ninety and nine' from Spray Park to Mystic Lake"
A long line of hikers ascends from Spray Park toward Russell Glacier.
"Echo Rock"
Passing below Echo Rock, the party descends eastward toward Carbon Glacier with Willis Wall in the background.
"Using ropes on rocks down to Carbon Glacier"
Just above the glacier, they use a hand-line for safety over steep rock slabs.
"Crossing glacier and into Moraine Park"
There are no scenes of the actual Carbon Glacier crossing. The party ascends old moraine slopes on the other side toward their next camp.
"Mystic Lake"
Afternoon sun sparkles on the lake. The party erects tents in a meadow then lines up for a meal. Joe Hazard appears (34:30) wearing a kerchief around his neck and holding an ice axe.
"Phil and Anna Rogers. Phil was our doctor"
"Ray and Elizabeth Conway. Ray led the summit scouts"
"Peter McGregor. Peter led the line"
Movie portraits of these people. A party of hikers departs carrying overnight backpacks. The party ascends toward Curtis Ridge.
"Summit climb party on Winthrop Glacier"
Climbers cross the glacier in close formation. Steamboat Prow can be seen above. Hand-lines are stretched across large crevasses and climbers (not tied into any rope) use the lines for balance while crossing.
"Making beds in Forecastle Camp at Steamboat Prow"
Climbers rearrange rocks below the prow for better sleeping. No shelter exists at Steamboat Prow in 1930.
"On the climb to the summit"
Climbers ascend Emmons Glacier unroped under overcast skies. At a crevasse, a hand-line is set up. Nobody is tied into the rope.
"Beaten by the blizzard, we retreat"
Climbers descend in close formation. They appear to be holding the rope in their hands to keep together. Eventually, they return to Steamboat Prow and try to escape the wind.
"Camp at Berkely Park"
The party enjoys fine weather on the north side of Burroughs Mountain.
"Grand Park is beautifully landscaped"
Hikers stroll through expansive meadow parkland with Mt Rainier in the distance.
"Water Ousel feeding its young. Picture made by reflected light from mirrors"
Birds nest in a rock cavity in a small stream.
"Frozen Lake and Yakima Park"
Hikers stroll around a lake. Several dozen tents are seen in distant Yakima Park.
"Patience, our minstrel"
A young women sings and plays a guitar.
"Camp fire at Berkely Park"
Night scene of the party around a large campfire.
"Hi Line Berkely Park to Summerland and second summit climb party"
Hikers with alpenstocks cross alpine country in fine weather.
"Crossing Emmons Glacier and Frying Pan Creek"
Bare ice and flowing water are shown on the glacier surface. Hikers step into the creek during their crossing.
"Ranger Oscar Settegren, Park Naturalist Hickox in Summerland"
"F.Q. Gorton, chairman Nineteen Twenty Four Outing"
"Bill Horsfall telling incidents on second climb"
Movie portraits of these people. There are no scenes of the second climb attempt. Horsfall's gestures relate the story.
"Laundry at Summerland"
Washing clothes in a stream. Scenes of the camp vicinity.
"Leaving Summerland for Indian Bar"
"South Frying Pan River and Glacier"
Hikers travel toward the next camp.
"Meany Crest. Named by the party at Summerland"
Hikers travel beneath the rocky crest. Scenes of waterfalls, bare ice, and glacier tables. Hikers cross bare ice toward Panhandle Gap. Scenes of glissading.
"'The Dutchman' - profile and cap"
A distinctive rock formation. The pack train is seen again for the first time in a long while. Horses cross a snowfield.
"Our President riding Andy, Ned leading the way
Edmond Meany rides on horseback across a snowfield and moraine.
"Ohanepecosh Glacier"
Looking up at the glacier, which rests atop a rock bluff adorned by waterfalls.
"Bath tub in the rock at Indian Bar"
Women in swimsuits bathe in an alpine stream. Hikers enjoy a meadow scene.
"Tatoosh Range from Cowlitz Ridge"
Hikers stop to enjoy the view.
"Cowlitz Bridge and Canyon"
The wooden bridge spans a narrow gorge below timberline. Movie portraits of several unidentified party members.
"Alumni breakfast and graduating exercise for six peakers"
A few graduates wear caps and gowns. A pair of rangers (probably Charlie Browne and Bill Butler) pose for the camera. Edmond Meany presides over the celebration at a picnic area with tables.
"The Outing Committee"
Movie portrait of the committee members. L.A. Nelson stands at the left.
(Film notes and video clip by Lowell Skoog.)

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