The Mountaineers - 1932 Summer Outing, Guardians of the Columbia Home
This film is silent, black and white, with a running time around 29 minutes. The film depicts the 26th Annual Outing of The Mountaineers to Mounts St Helens, Adams, and Hood, from July 24 to August 6, 1932.

The complete film has captions preceding each section:

"Mt St Helens from Spirit Lake"
"Spirit Lake Camp"
Evening view of the mountain from the lake. Campers in the forest wear rain gear.
"Try-out trip - Mt St Helens"
"Spirit Lake in distance"
Hikers ascend snow fingers part-way up the mountain.
"Climb of St Helens" "Seracs near summit"
"Crossing crater"
A line of climbers with alpenstocks ascends the mountain. Scenes during the ascent.
"Lookout station on summit"
"Telephoto of Mt Adams"
Party members climb on top of the lookout cabin. They descend the mountain by glissading.
"Back at Spirit Lake Camp"
"St Helens in clouds"
"Harmony Falls"
Scenes at the base of the mountain.
"En route to Mt Adams - Scenes along the Columbia"
"Mt Adams from Guler"
Scene of rapids on the free-flowing Columbia River, before dams.
"Morrison Creek Camp"
"Mt Adams from above Morrison Creek Camp"
"Lava bed"
"Lunch in Bird Creek Meadows"
Mountaineers gather around the camp kitchen and explore the lower slopes of the mountain.
"Climb of Mt Adams"
"High wind at false summit"
"Head of Klickitat Glacier"
Scenes during the summit climb.
"Approaching the summit"
"St Helens and Rainier from top of Adams"
"Lunch on Mt Adams"
Climbers relax in the lee of the summit cabin"
"Descent from Mt Adams"
The descent route follows talus part of the way, avoiding snow. Lower the climbers glissade.
"Gallagher Gliders"
"Wash day in women's quarters"
Climbers show off their glissading pants. Women boil water for laundry.
"Views from Cloud Cap Inn, North side - Mt Hood"
View of the mountain in fine weather.
"'Delousing' McKee"
A man is spritzed with a bug sprayer.
"Trail to Elk Cove"
"Lunch time - Elk Cove"
"On Bennett Spur"
Hikers explore lower slopes of Mt Hood.
"On Coopers Spur - 5 a.m."
"Showing route to summit"
"St Helens - Rainier - Adams in distance"
Perfect weather for the summit climb. The climbers appear to be tied together with a flimsy rope. They grasp a fixed hand line while climbing.
"Over the top"
"Aeroplane greets climbers"
"Views from top of Mt Hood"
"Looking down on south side route to summit (Crater Rock to right)"
Climbers reach the summit ridge and a biplane flies overhead. They relax next to the summit cabin.
"Descent of Mt Hood"
"Dinner de luxe at Tilly Jane Camp"
Climbers glissade the lower slopes of Cooper Spur. Dinner is at a long wooden table.
"North side - Mt Hood"
"South side - Mt Hood"
Roadside views of the mountain.
"Mazama Lodge"
"Mt Hood and Mt Jefferson from balconies of Mazama Lodge"
Mountaineers gather outside a fine looking wood building.
"The End"
(Film notes and video clip by Lowell Skoog.)

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