The Mountaineers - 1937 Summer Outing, North Cascades Home
This film is silent, black and white, with a running time around 14 minutes. The film depicts the Mountaineers Annual Outing to Glacier Peak, Mt Shuksan, and Mt Baker from July 31 to August 15, 1937. (The film title calls this the 14th Annual Outing, but the numbering used in previous films would make it the 31st.)

The complete film has captions preceding each section:

"The Committee"
Two men and one woman stand by a trail. The man on the left is Lloyd Anderson.
"Approaching Lake Janus on the first day"
"Lake Janus camp"
"Pear Lake"
"Dinner Time"
"Lake Sally Anne"
"Enroute to White Pass"
"White Pass"
"On the way to White Chuck Meadows"
Fine scenes of hikers, camp activities, and trail vistas between Stevens Pass and Glacier Peak. It appears that the outing followed the newly constructed Cascade Crest Trail.
"The ascent of Glacier Peak"
Climbers ascend the White Chuck and Suiattle Glaciers. A few climbers use alpenstocks, but they are now outnumbered by ice axes.
"Mica Lake"
Scenes of the mostly ice-bound lake and a rushing stream.
"To high camp on Shuksan"
"Mt Shuksan"
Climbers hike to Lake Ann for views of the mountain.
"The retreat after the storm"
"Fresh snow on Shuksan"
Scenes of Galena Cabin near the Mt Baker Lodge. A good dusting of new snow is seen on Mt Shuksan.
"The Chain Lakes camp"
Party members relax at camp and dry out clothing and sleeping bags by the fire. It starts to snow.
"Mazama Dome"
"Mt Baker"
Scenes near Table Mountain. Mt Baker is seen in the distance, beyond Coleman Pinnacle. There are no scenes of approaching or climbing Mt Baker.
"The last camp fire"
"Leaving for home"
Night footage of the roaring fire. The pack train returns to Austin Pass. A bus arrives at Mt Baker Lodge and the party climbs aboard.
(Film notes and video clip by Lowell Skoog.)

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