Spire Point, Glacier Peak Wilderness Area. Photo © John Scurlock.
Spire Point, Glacier Peak Wilderness Area. Photo © John Scurlock.

Issue 6  
  Summer 2009
by Lowell Skoog and the Editorial Team
Ski mountaineering in the Three Sisters, Oregon.
  The McMillan Obsession
Success at last on the North Buttress
of East McMillan Spire
by Alan Kearney
Climbing on McMillan Spire. Photo © Alan Kearney.
  Hammer Hammer
Pure Darrington slab dancing
by David Whitelaw
Climbing on Squire Creek Wall. Photo © Zack Krup.
To the summit of “Hardest Mox” Peak
by Eric Wehrly
Rolf Larson on SE Mox Peak. Photo © Eric Wehrly.
  Three Sisters Marathon
Linking Faith, Hope and Charity in a single day
by Kevin Grove
Three Sisters from the north. Photo © Brent McGregor.
  The Virtue of Carlessness
Mountaineering by bicycle
by John Mauro
John Mauro on his bicycle. Photo © John Mauro.
  Short Reports
New routes, winter ascents and ski descents
between April 1, 2008 and March 31, 2009
Skiing Del Campo Peak. Photo © Jim Dockery.
  100 Years in “Wonderland”
A century of skiing on Mount Rainier
by Lowell Skoog
Olga Bolstad in 1917. Photo by Asahel Curtis
  When Rescuers Become Victims
Finding illumination in a brush with darkness
By Rick Wire
Rescuers training on high-angle ice.
  North Cascades National Park
Highlights of climbing activity
and statistics from 2008 and before
by Kevork Arackellian
Camp on Teebone Ridge. Photo © David Svilar.
  Dumpster Diving
It’s a dirty job someone’s got to do
by Paul Klenke
Gary McCoy cartoon.
Contributors to Issue 6 with links to
personal web sites where available
Alan Kearney on McMillan Spire. Photo © Erik Johnson.