Donn Venema jumps a Challenger Glacier crevasse.  Photo © Steph Abegg.
Donn Venema jumps the bergshrund on Mount Challenger, August 2008. Photo © Steph Abegg.
  Receding Glaciers, Receding Climbs  
  By Steph Abegg  

T hirty years ago, my parents hiked easily over the lower Taboo Glacier on their approach to Mount Torment’s SE Face. Their photos show that they did not even use crampons as they crossed what appears to be a gentle and crevasse-free snowfield. It was just an easy and forgettable approach to a more memorable climb. For Jason Schilling and me, making the same approach last August, the glacier was anything but forgettable. As we tiptoed across a hollow bridge of ice blocks, we were haunted by the thought that the Taboo Glacier had taken a climber’s life just nine days earlier.

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