Paragliding - Perspectives

Takeoff from the Aiguille du Midi over the Vallee Blanche, Chamonix, France
Paragliding is a sport of contradictions. Physically, it is the least demanding of mountain sports, but it offers a sense of movement and exposure to rival alpine skiing and climbing. Paraglider pilots are an intensely social lot, yet flying itself is a solitary activity. Paragliding seems carefree at first glance, but in truth it is a judgment sport of the highest order.
On a Wing and a Prayer

The Mountaineering Roots
of Northwest Paragliding

Awarded a 2007 Commendation from the
U.S. Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

Tiger Mountain
Flying Stories
The Early Days
Recollections of the birth of NW paragliding.

How to Climb a Mountain
Twice in One Day

Two air-hogs discover how handy
paragliders can be for mountaineering.

Dancing With Giants
A tale of thermal soaring.

Flying at the Other End of Lake Chelan
Paragliding in the Wild Cascades.

You Should Have Been There!
Flying the Oregon coast.

Airtime Is Golden
XC at the Canadian PG Championships.

Bird Stories
Aerial encounters with the locals.

Indian Summer Highs
Autumn flying in the mountains of
the Northwest.

Ski Flying
Tree Self-Rescue
Weather Forecasting Explained

Paragliders and Rowing Boats
Listening to that Little Voice of Warning
Why Can't We Get a Handle on This Safety Thing
Flying With Style

Aerial Addiction
Frequently Asked Questions
Northwest Paragliding Chronology
Wind and light Wind and light

Inland flying gallery Inland hills

Coastal flying gallery By the sea

Mountain flying gallery Alpine heights

XC flying gallery Cross country

Just for fun Just for fun

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