The Skubags' Autumn Slideshow, 2012

“We’re having our (now) traditional slide-show party on Friday and Lowell put together his slideshow of skiing, hiking, climbing with Tom and Mpls trips, Roosevelt Marching Band to Arlo Guthrie’s song The City of New Orleans. It was an unusual selection for Lowell to make. Watching the slideshow made me cry for happiness. My strongest memory of that song is going to the Arlo Guthrie concert with Patti B. at the U of Mn when I was going there [in the 1970s]. I was trying to decide what to do next, stay, go somewhere else and I was having a difficult time. Seeing the slides of Lowell, Tom, me and other friends with that music as the background made me realize just how much ‘wonderful’ has been in my life since then. Not all of my decisions have been fantastic, not everything has been happy or easy, but in total they add up to a whole for which I am deeply grateful.”

— diary entry by Stephanie Subak
Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Alpenglow Gallery