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Year Month-Day Who Where What References
Circa 1850 - Sondre Norheim Telemark, Norway Birth of modern skiing: telemark and christiania turns, ski jumping Sondre Norheim, kleppen-1986-ch2
1800s - Native Americans Washington Cascades Teach glissading to white explorers ww-1952-Feb-22-p5, marler-2004-p108
mid to late 1800s - Scandinavians United States Skiers emigrate to America kleppen-1986-ch8, allen-1993-ch2, allen-1993-ch3, armbruster-1999-p80
1883 September 8 Northern Pacific Railroad Gold Creek, Montana Transcontinental railroad to Puget Sound completed via Portland armbruster-1999-p76
1889 November 11 U.S. Congress Washington Statehood ficken-1988-intro
1891 - Fridtjof Nansen Norway Translation of The First Crossing of Greenland (skied in 1888) helps spread skiing to central Europe Fridtjof Nansen, kleppen-1986-ch9
1894, 1897 - Wilhelm von Arlt,
Wilhelm Paulke party
Germany, Switzerland Birth of ski mountaineering: first ski ascent of a 3,000 meter peak, first major alpine ski traverse Other Pioneers
1890s-1900s - Mathias Zdarsky, Georg Bilgeri Austria Birth of alpine skiing Other Pioneers
1905 - - Ishpeming, MI National Ski Association formed allen-1993-ch4, allen-1993-ch5
1907 - - France 1st international military patrol race isha-2000-2nd-p9
1917-18 - - - U.S. involvement in World War I ficken-1988-ch6
1910s-20s - Hannes Schneider, Arnold Fanck Central Europe and beyond Popularization of alpine skiing Hannes Schneider
1924 - - Chamonix, France 1st Winter Olympic Games allen-1993-ch7, isha-2001-4th-p9, allen-2002-p237
1929 October - United States Stock market crash signals beginning of Great Depression of 1930s ficken-1988-ch7, crowley-2001-y1921, catton-1996-p291
1934 January 29 - Gilbert's Hill, VT First rope tow in U.S. spi-1934-jan-30, allen-1993-ch8
1936 - - Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany 4th Winter Olympic Games, debut of alpine skiing events allen-1993-ch9, isha-2001-4th-p9
1936 December Union Pacific Railroad Sun Valley, Idaho Sun Valley ski resort opened, featuring the world's first chairlift asa-1937-p207, allen-1993-ch10
1938 - Charles Minot Dole and others - National Ski Patrol System created subject index
1939 February Rudolph Amsler - Mountaineer Ski Guide published amsler-1939
1941 November 15 U.S. Army Fort Lewis, WA 87th Infantry Mountain Regiment activated, incorporated into 10th Mountain Division at the end of 1944 subject index
1941-42 - Mountaineers Ski Committee - Ski mountaineering course launched subject index
1942-45 - - - U.S. involvement in World War II ficken-1988-ch8
1948 - Wolf Bauer, Ome Daiber, Otto Trott - Mountain Rescue Council organized, incorporated in 1953 subject index
- - - - - -
1962-63 - Mountaineers Ski Committee - Ski mountaineering course reactivated subject index
Mid-1960s - - - Resurgence of cross-country skiing subject index
1968 - Ted Mueller - Northwest Snow Trails published mueller-1968, manning-harvey, spring-ira
1973 - Fred Beckey - Cascade Alpine Guide, Vol 1 published beckey-v1-1987, adickert-papers
Mid-1970s - - - Resurgence of telemark skiing subject index
1977 - Fred Beckey - Cascade Alpine Guide, Vol 2 published beckey-v2-1989, mtneer-a-1978-p77
1981 - Fred Beckey - Cascade Alpine Guide, Vol 3 published beckey-v3-1995
1986 - Rainer Burgdorfer - Backcountry Skiing in Washington's Cascades published burgdorfer-1986
1999 - Rainer Burgdorfer - 100 Classic Backcountry Ski and Snowboard Routes in Washington published burgdorfer-1999
2002 - Martin Volken - Backcountry Skiing Snoqualmie Pass published volken-2002
2014 - Martin Volken - Backcountry Ski & Snowboard Routes, Washington published volken-2014

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