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Ira Spring - High Adventure
Photos by Bob and Ira Spring. Text by Norma and Patricia Spring.

This book doesn't contain anything directly related to ski mountaineering. However, it includes many of the Springs' classic glacier and crag climbing photographs. There are photos of several prominent Northwest climbers before they became famous--people like Fred Beckey, Bob Craig, Dee Molenaar, Pete Schoening and the Whittaker twins. The book also contains photos of lesser known, active mountaineers such as John Carter, Walt Gonnason, John Klos and Dick Widrig. A number of women mountaineers are also shown, including Elenor Buswell, Louise Ingalls, Delores LaChapelle and others.

Most of the photographs depict the Washington Cascades and Olympics (with an emphasis on the "major" peaks) but a number of shots in the Canadian Rockies are also shown. Although not described in detail, the photos depict many climbing techniques including snow, rock and ice belays, piton placement, free and aid climbing, prusiking, cramponing, rappeling and, of course, spectacular crevasse jumps. The text, from the wives' point of view, seems quaint from a post-feminist perspective, but for this book it's appropriate and fun to read. Actually, the book is pretty well balanced in its depiction of male and female climbers.

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