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Fred Beckey - Personal Communication

E-mail correspondence, 9 March 2001
to Lowell Skoog

Fred responded to my message telling him about the project and asking for feedback or leads:
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 01:39:26 EST 
Subject: No Subject 

Lowell    I have done nothing worth recording on skis  except ages ago 4 of 
us skied to Hannegan  and camped out  and then skied up Ruth.  We also skied 
to  Tomyhoi but did not climb it.  Watson is the key guy who did the 
pioneering.  Do not know who to track down that wouldd now know what he did.  
Try old timers - they might know.  Wish I could help more.   Watson may have 
left papers - try U W archivews.   Beckey 
Since I had just started reviewing Dwight Watson's mountain scrapbook in U.W. Special Collections, I sent Fred a message telling him about Watson's papers and suggesting that he give them a look.

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