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Peg and Bill Stark - Personal Communication

Interview, 30 April 2001
by Lowell Skoog

These are preliminary notes. I haven't transcribed the interview tape yet. Peg and Bill Stark moved to the Seattle area in 1941 from the east coast. Bill worked for Boeing as an aeronautical engineer until the early 1970s, when he took an early retirement. The Starks first visited the Enchantment Lakes in 1958 and soon fell in love with the place. Around 1972, after Bill retired, they moved to Leavenworth, where they live today. They opened their Scottish Lakes High Camp in the late 1970s and operated the business until they sold it around 1995.

Peg and Bill signed my old copy of the Enchantment Lakes map that Bill produced in 1967. Bill explained that the inscription "T.O.G" on the map stands for "The Old Goat" which was a nickname given to him by their kids. They also gave me another copy of the map and a copy of their Enchantment Lakes video How Deep the High Journey. (Note: In April 2022, Conrad Eaton borrowed my copy of the Stark's video and had it transferred to DVD.)

We looked at many fine photos of the Enchantment Lakes in all seasons. Few depicted skiing in the area. There was one photo of Bill on skis (good face shot), possibly on Cashmere Mountain, possibly taken by Ira Spring, in a newspaper clipping in one of his albums. The clipping did not include the date or name of the paper. (See st-1970-apr-5-pic18.)

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