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Melvin R. Gourlie - Photographs
Mel's collection includes pictures in winter and summer of the area between Harts Pass and Windy Pass. Some are from 1936-41, when he lived there year-round with his parents. Others are from more recent trips returning to the area. I made copies of the following (all from 1936-41). The ID numbers are used in my files:

1. The Gourlies' cabin with autumn snowcover. Mel also had a mid-winter photo looking out from the doorway through a deep trench dug in the snow.

2. The Gourlies' woodshed with autumn snowcover.

3. Sled dogs (probably belonging to Ed Kikendall) at the Gourlie cabin in 1937.

4. Mel Gourlie crouching in snow, holding a dead fox.

5. Fox pelts drying on a rack in winter.

6. A man stands in front of the New Lite Mine buildings, 1/4 mile down the hill from the Gourlie cabin. According to Mel, the buildings were destroyed by an avalanche after 1959.

7. Leon and Florence Gourlie stand on a ridgeline with mountains in the background wearing crude skis. Each holds a single pole.

8. Newspaper clipping, dated 10 Feb 1940, probably from the Wenatchee World, entitled "Story of Methow...Courage Out-Skis Death." The article is about Florence Gourlie's emergency ski trip to civilization for gallstone surgery. It includes photos of Mrs. Gourlie in a hospital bed and the family's cabin under snow.

9. Mel Gourlie (on the left) and Bill Long stand on a ridge among snow flocked trees wearing skis, April 1939 (fine). This is the original of a photo that Kathleen Long showed me.

10. An enlarged print of photo #9.

11. A skier (probably Mrs. Gourlie) climbs uphill toward trees and a snow covered mountain. I believe the photo was taken near the Gourlie cabin.

12. Ski tracks on a snowy mountain ridge, probably Tamarack Mountain.

13. The corniced ridge of Tamarack Mountain, with ski tracks. This photo was in a glass covered frame in Mel's house. This picture was published in the Wenatchee World in December 1940, and was what led me to contact the Long and Gourlie families.

14. Cornices on the summit ridge of Tamarack Mountain.

15. Winter view toward Jack Mountain from Windy Pass area (fine).

16. Winter view toward Azurite Peak from Windy Pass area (fine).

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