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The Mountaineers Collection - Photographs
UWSpecColl, Collection 341
Note: My initial review of this collection was in August 2001. I made some copy slides a few months later. In January 2010, I returned to make additional copies and to redo some of my earlier copies. Between my first and second visits, UW reorganized the Mountaineers Collection and renumbered the boxes. I believe that some album pages were also renumbered. I have updated these notes, but not exhaustively. (See specific notes about numbering below.)

This collection consists of 126 albums (16298 prints) of Mountaineer outings between 1907-1951. Only a few albums contain winter and skiing photos. I reviewed the albums that looked promising based on the index provided by UW Special Collections. The following reviewed albums didn't contain anything noteworthy: Albums 4, 5, 9, 10, 60, 64, 66, 69, 114, 115, 120. Below, I have noted selected images only. The UW index descriptions are shown in italics.

* Albums marked with an asterisk have been photocopied for my files.

Album 7 - was previously album 5

Winter in Rainier National Park: 1916-20. Views of Paradise Inn, snowshoeing.

Album 8 * - Fairman B. Lee album

Rainier National Park: 1919. Views of Paradise Inn, summit climb. Included are 75 prints by Frank Jacobs.

Album 11 - was previously album 9

Mt Rainier: 1919-21. Views of train station at Ashford, Paradise Inn, skiing and snowshoeing. Includes 2 photographs by Frank Jacobs.

Album 13 * - William J. Maxwell album - was previously album 12

Mt Rainier: 1927. Documents summit attempts on Mt Rainier including the first complete climb on skis. Contains newspaper clippings.

Note: The following page numbers are no longer valid and should be used to indicate subject groupings only. The album starts with several pages of newspaper clippings:

The following pages contain photos from a ski trip to the northeast side of Mt Rainier by what appears to be a party of five (including Maxwell). I believe these photos depict the April 1927 attempt described in a previous clipping. The following pages contain photos that I believe are from the May 1927 attempt to ski Mt Rainier by Maxwell, Anderson and LaVelle, described in previous clippings. The following pages contain photos of an overnight ski trip to Camp Muir on May 29-30, 1927. Handwritten notes indicate that the party hiked 5.9 miles from Longmire to Paradise and then continued on skis the same day in fog to Camp Muir. They crawled into the Muir shelter through a window. Near the back of the album is an undated, unsourced newspaper clipping: "Summit Trip Fails". It describes an attempt to climb Mt Rainier on skis via the Emmons Glacier by five Mountaineers: H.P. Wunderling, W.J. Maxwell, Langlie Slauson, Fred Dupuis and A.W. Anderson. The clipping says that the mountain had been climbed in winter only once before, "three years ago," by "two Frenchmen who made the ascent from Paradise." The article says the Mountaineer group turned back at Steamboat Prow, 9702 feet, due to a blizzard. The reference to the French climb (in 1922) suggests that the Mountaineer trip took place in 1925, but I suspect that the article is describing the April 1927 attempt mentioned in one of the previous clippings. The article concludes, "The same party will attempt the climb next year at this time and are confident of making the grade."

Album 56 - was previously album 68

Snoqualmie Lodge: Winter 1914-15.

Album 58 - Fairman B. Lee album - was previously album 70

Snoqualmie Lodge: 1917-19. Snoqualmie Lodge, Bandana Peak climb, Kaleetan Peak.

This album has several photos in common with Album 62.

In the section "Spring Vacation Trip, Snoqualmie Lodge, March 28-31, 1918":

In the section "The 'Auto' outing at Snoqualmie Lodge, Sept 10-11, 1918":

In the section "Washington's Birthday at Lodge, Feb 22-23, 1919":

Album 59 - Fairman B. Lee album - was previously album 57

Various outings: 1917-22. Mt Rainier (1917, 1918, 1919, 1922), Hood Canal, Hamma Hamma River and Elk Lake (1918), Mt Hood (1919), Mt Baker (1919), Tolt River (1919). Contains newspaper clippings from various expeditions.

In the section "The Winter Trip - 1918":

In the section "Mt Baker, Mt Baker Club":

Album 61 - was previously album 58

Various outings: 1918-21. Glacier Peak (June 21-27, 1921), Paradise Valley, Mazama Ridge (1919), Snoqualmie Lodge (1919), Mt Rainier (Dec 1918-Jan 1919).

Album 62 - R.L. Glisan album - was previously album 102

Various locales: March 1918, April 1920, March 1921, March 1922, Snoqualmie Lodge. Snowshoeing, winter scenes. 1932, Kitsap Lodge. 1931, Skagit River Power Plant - Diablo Lake and dam.

Snoqualmie Lodge, March 1918:

April 1920:

Album 68 * - Mrs. Opal Maxwell album - was previously album 63

Various outings: 1924-26. Mt Baker, clothing, equipment, climbing, glaciers (Sept 1924), Glacier Peak (July 1925), Mt Rainier (July 1925, Jan 1926), Mt St Helens (May 1926), Mt Adams (July 1926).

Album 70 * - W.J. Maxwell album - was previously album 110

Washington mountains: 1926. Ascent of Mt Index, Chair Peak, Mt Thompson, Denny Mtn, Wright Peak, Bryant Peak. Views of Mt Rainier, Mt Baker National Parks.

The following photos are near the back of the album:

Album 71 * - William J. Maxwell album

Cascades: 1927. Construction of new lodge in Stampede Pass, Cascades ("Meany Ski Hut"), ski outings in Cascades.

Album 83 - was previously album 73

Garibaldi and Rainier: 1923. Garibaldi National Park, Mt Rainier, Paradise Inn.

I skipped all the Garibaldi photos and found the following near the back of the album:

Lantern Slides

The Mountaineers Collection includes many lantern slides. I reviewed just a few, based on the index in U.W. Special Collections. The following were noteworthy.

Subject - Mt Rainier (index page 115):

Subject - Skykomish, 1913 (index page 145):

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