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Shafer Historical Museum - Photographs
Much of the Shafer Museum's photo collection consists of digital scans of originals that have been returned to their owners. Prints made from these scans are available for browsing at the museum in three-ring binders. Kit McLean Cramer, the museum's photo archivist, has a database to help search by subject (e.g. "skis or skiing"). She was out of town when I visited, so I looked through all the binders that were available. These notes record which binders I looked at and which photos were interesting. Catalog numbers are of the form xxxx.yyy.zzz. If no specific photos are listed for a given collection, it means I found nothing noteworthy. I made crude copies of several photos for later reference. Winter travel to and from the Azurite Mine was done using snowshoes more often than skis. Many winter photos at the museum depict men on snowshoes.

Blende collection, 2004.002.001-009

Book Two, 2003.001.180-309

Book Three, 2003.001.310-359

Byrum collection, 2006.027.001-065

Cotner collection, 2006.024.001-021

Cotton collection, 2004.008.001

Drake collection, 2004.007.001-019

Filer collection, 2005.019.001-003

Flagg collection, 2004.004.001-030

George collection, 2005.016.001-068

Graves collection, 2005.017.001-061

Hasse collection, 2004.001.001-068

Horn collection, 2006.023.001-058

Imes collection, 2006.026.001-029

Krinke collection, 2006.022.001-017

LaRue collection, 2005.018.001-005

Leaning collection, 2003.001.342-344

Lince collection, 2006.020.001-???

Miller collection, 2004.003.001-032

Northcott collection, 2006.021.001-121

Parrish collection, 2004.009.001-029

Risley collection, 2004.006.001-030

Selections from catalog, 2004.008.002-036

Stokes collection, 2004.005.001-045

Sullivan collection, 2005.014.001-058

Therriault collection, 2004.010.001-019

Waller collection, 2005.012.001-032

Webb collection, 2005.013.001-225

Wenatchee World Photos, 2005.015.001-003

Wetsel collection, 2003.001.316

White collection, 2004.011.001-015

Display Photos

The following photos were displayed in the museum. I didn't find these in a three-ring binder.

The Shafer Museum has just one skiing artifact, a pair of eight-foot skis "Made in 1913 and worn by local trapper on the upper Methow River. Donated by Curt Ott." The skis show remarkable refinement, with ridge tops and grooved bases. They have no edges and little if any sidecut. The bindings are still intact--leather straps nailed to the sidewalls.

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