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Seattle P-I - Photographs
Carolyn Marr, photo archivist, said there are two collections of P-I photos at the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI). A collection of prints (which I viewed) was catalogued on paper around 1980. There are also a large number of negatives, many unprinted, that have been recently catalogued on computer. In many of the latter photos the people are identified, so if there is a particular person I'm looking for I could search this collection. Carolyn said there may also be more Silver Skis photos there. We did a quick search at the end of my visit and found lots of photos from the 1960s and some from earlier periods. No Silver Skis photos jumped out at us, but it was a very crude search.

I looked at about 90 B&W prints starting at PI-26862. The following were noteworthy. Photos indicated in bold have been photocopied for my files:

The following photos are from the first Silver Skis race held on 22 April 1934. The following photos are from various dates:

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