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Lillian Streeter - Photographs
The Lillian Streeter collection at the WSHS Research Center consists of three albums. At the time I reviewed the collection, only one album had been catalogued and numbered. A portion of this album was titled "First outing of Mountaineers to Paradise Valley, January 1, 1917." The following numbered photographs are noteworthy: The two uncatalogued Streeter albums contain fewer winter photos. However, one album has what appears to be the Frank Jacobs photo of Paradise Valley referred to above (mtneer-a-1917-p47a). The photo has a studio imprint at the lower-right corner. (Note: On 12 January 2010, WSHS staff was unable to find this picture.) There are also duplicates of a few photos in the first album. There are photos of the Mountaineers Snoqualmie lodge just after its construction in summer 1914. There is also a photo of snowshoers in front of the lodge at the "first snowshoe outing."

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