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10th Mountain Division - Photographs
I reviewed the 10th Mountain Division collection on-line at the Denver Public Library website. I ran "10th mountain" as a keyword search and reviewed the results. I believe the complete collection is not viewable on-line, since I know there are more photos by John Woodward than I found here. (I also ran author searches using "john woodward" and "charles bradley" but did not find any additional photos.) The following photos were notable. (Note: The "TMD" identification provides a link to each image at the 10th Mountain Division Resource Center website.)

John Woodward Photos

Collection 3.1 contains 236 slides taken by John Woodward between 1941-44. They include the 41st Division and the 15th Infantry (3rd Division) ski patrols during the winter and spring of 1940-41. They also include photos of the 87th Infantry Regiment training on Mt Rainier during 1941-42 and the full 10th Division at Camp Hale in 1943-44. Debbie Gemar of the 10th Mountain Division Resource Center (Denver Public Library) sent me a list of slide captions for this collection and also for Woodward's collection from Italy in 1945 (collection 3.2).

Charles Bradley Photos

Several of these photos can be found in Bradley's book, Aleutian Echoes (bradley-1994).

Photos from Various Sources

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