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UW Special Collections - Photographs
The University of Washington Library is continually adding photographs to their on-line digital collection. On 15 October 2004, I searched the digital collection for the keywords "ski," "skier," or "skiing". On 19 January 2010, I searched for the keyword "scenic". This page lists the most noteworthy hits, excluding the Dwight Watson and Mountaineers collections.

Albert H. Barnes Collection, No. 542

Intrigued by a photo in the digital collection, I browsed the entire physical Barnes collection (4 boxes). The collection contains only one ski photograph:

Asahel Curtis Photo Co. Collection, No. 482

Ernst Kassowitz Collection, No. 215

Lee Pickett Collection, No. 580

The Pickett collection contains several fine photos of Scenic and Leavenworth skiers and ski jumpers in the late 1920s and early 1930s. On 25 January 2010, I reviewed an old paper index of the collection and compared it to images on the UW digital collection website. I concluded that the skiing pictures in this collection are probably not of interest to this project. Here are a few samples from the digital collection on line:

Social Issues Collection

The Leisure-Skiing (Ec) folder contains the following images from the 1909 Mt Rainier ski trip by Milnor Roberts and friends described in ngm-1909. I visited U.W. Special Collections to inspect this collection by hand, so I've listed here more photos than are currently available digitally. This folder also contains the following noteworthy photos:

Hermann Ulrichs Accession, No. 2138

This accession has a many fine photos, including panoramas, that illustrate regions discussed in the 3 July 1973 interview by Karyl Winn with Hermann Ulrichs. (I haven't looked at most of these pictures.) In Folder 1/7 there is a photo taken on 19 April 1946 by Charles Hessey of three skiers resting on the summit of Chiwawa Mountain, looking toward Bonanza Peak. The photo has one stain (could be masked out) but is otherwise fine.

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