Summit Central ‘X’ Route
A ski mountaineering (“skimo”) workout at Snoqualmie Pass

NOTE: As of Autumn 2021, skiing this route is no longer permitted under The Summit's new uphill travel policy. This route had been acceptable (with discretion) under the policy released during the 2012-13 ski season. (Friends and I had been skiing the route for several years before that.) I've retained this page out of nostalgia for a more casual time.
This is a fun route for mid-week skinning at night (also known as "The Lowell Loop"). The route stays near the margins of the night skiing area during the ascents. In the diagram above (click for popup version), ascents are shown in red, descents in blue. The route starts near the Ski Patrol building southeast of the Central Express chairlift. (See the first aid symbol in the diagram.)

Route Description

From the Ski Patrol Building, ascend left of the Golden Nugget run, keeping away from skier traffic. Angle left beneath the Reggie and Easy Street chairlifts and ascend the Silver Nugget run. This run may be closed at night but diffuse light from the ski area makes it possible to climb without a headlamp. (Note: During daylight hours, the ski patrol prefers that uphill skiers ascend the Outback run from the Silver Fir base area.)

Continue to the top of the Central Express chairlift and remove skins. Descend upper Alpine. Keep clear of the race course that is often set up on the skier's left side of Alpine.

Upon reaching the flats below upper Alpine, cut left (north) along the Cascade Crest. There is usually a groomed cat-track to follow along the crest. You can choose to ski over the hump on the crest (more entertaining) or pass it on the right. Skate for several hundred yards to the top of the Triple 60 face.

Descend Triple 60 to the flats above the lower Triple 60 lift terminal. Traverse the flats leftward beneath the Triple 60, Gallery, and Holiday chairlifts. Cross below the Greenhorn Acres terrain park, keeping an eye out for skiers emerging from the park.

Apply skins and ascend climber's right (north) of Greenhorn Acres to the foot of Parachute. Remove skis and kick steps up the right side of Parachute, away from downhill skiers. After reaching the West-to-Central Crossover Trail, put your skis back on and ascend to near the top of the Triple 60 chairlift.

Remove skins and ski along the Top Traverse back to the middle section of the Alpine run. Descend Alpine to the flats near the bottom of the Central Express chairlift. Angle right to return to the Ski Patrol building.


The enjoyment of this route comes from ninja-like speed and stealth. The route includes challenging climbs and descents, and it is usually well-groomed, so you can concentrate on technique and efficiency without getting bogged down in trail breaking.

To continue to enjoy this route, I recommend maintaining a low profile. Keep your group small. Try not to be noticed. At several points, setting your track in the trees can enable you to be more discrete. Seek to be invisible. And have fun!

--Lowell Skoog

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