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ID Name Source Dates Location Contents Summary
2009.5 Lloyd and Mary Anderson photographs Mary Anderson 1930s-1960s MHC 1 box (0.1 cu-ft). Originals of some photos in Lloyd Anderson Climbing Notebook.
2009.1 Othello Phillip Dickert photographs O.P. Dickert (donated by daughter Judi Lemp) 1920s-1990s MHC 4 boxes (1.8 cu-ft). Photos of early climbing and skiing in Cascades, first ascents of Mt Goode and Mt Challenger, Mountaineers Snoqualmie Lodge, Mountaineer Players and outings.
2009.2 Othello Phillip Dickert papers O.P. Dickert (donated by daughter Judi Lemp) 1920s-1990s MHC 1 box (0.52 cu-ft). Of particular interest are notes associated with 1935-38 Mountaineers climbing courses as well as handbooks (several in German) that contributed to the technical foundation of the course.
2009.9 Charles D. Hessey, Jr. papers Marion Hessey estate 1960s-1980s MHC 1 box (about 0.5 cu-ft). Movie scripts, conservation writings, correspondence on religion.
2009.8 Charles and Marion Hessey photographs Marion Hessey estate 1940s-1980s MHC 4 container boxes (about 6 cu-ft). 35mm and 2x2-inch color slides. The 4 large "container" boxes contain 28 rotary slide trays, 5 slide storage boxes and over 20 slide processing boxes.
2010.5 Harvey E. Moore photographs Chris Jacobsen (nephew) 1909-1930s MHC 1 photo album Photos of climbing on Mt Rainier in 1909-10 via Emmons Glacier. Family photos, Alaska ships and volcanos, WWI-era soldiers on Mexican border, various travels in Washington state.
2014.1 Mountaineers Lantern Slides The Mountaineers 1900s-1920s MHC 4 boxes (some with smaller boxes inside) Photos of Mountaineer outings to Glacier Peak (1910), Mt Rainier (1909), Mt Stuart (1914), plus local outings and miscellany. Also photos of 1929 publicity trip to Glacier Peak area with F.W. Cleator of the USFS. Photographers include Asahel Curtis, J. Boyd Ellis, and Jacobs. Some slides in color.
2011.1 Bob and Ira Spring B&W photographs John Spring and family 1930s-80s+ UWSpecColl 36 boxes Photos held and managed by Ira Spring until 2003.
2009.4 R. Duke Watson photographs R. Duke Watson 1930s-1990s MHC 5 boxes, a notebook of slides, plus several journals (2.9 cu-ft). Photos of mountain troop activities during WWII as well as Duke's later skiing and mountaineering in Washington and Canada. Duke's canoeing photos and movies have been donated to UWSpecColl.
2009.3 Dwight Watson shoeboxes Dwight Watson 1920s-1996 UWSpecColl 4 boxes plus 2 folders (2.5 cu-ft). Many fine photographs plus extensive notes about Watson's photos, movies, and trips. (This collection was donated by The Mountaineers to UW Special Collections in October 2010.)

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