Austin Post, 1971 courtesy C Suzanne Brown, Personal Collection
  Austin Post  
  Legendary Chronicler of Glaciers  
  by John Scurlock  

O is name appears as a photographer in the Cascade Alpine Guides with astonishing frequency, always with stunning aerial images of peaks great and small, and nearly always with at least one glacier in every image. Beyond the photographs, however, Austin Post’s life of self-made accomplishment leaves one amazed by its breadth. His book, Glacier Ice, with Edward LaChapelle, is familiar to many, but the huge scope of his work is best known to the scientific community where he is recognized as one of the giants of modern glaciology. He has photographed nearly every glaciated region of the western hemisphere, from the Brooks Range in the western arctic, to Canada’s eastern arctic and Greenland, to Patagonia in southern Chile. For this life of achievement, in 2004 Austin received an honorary Doctor of Science degree from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, a fitting recognition for the renowned scientist who never finished high school.

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