McMillan Spires, photo by John Scurlock
Issue 4  
  Summer 2007
by Lowell Skoog and the Editorial Team
Glacier Peak, photo by John Scurlock
  The Pickets Get a Southern Face Lift
New Climbs on Spectre Peak and The Blob
by Mike Layton
Traversing Picket spires, photo by Mike Layton
  Mount Fury's Mongo Ridge
A Solo Climb of the Pickets’ most Inaccessible Ridge
by Wayne Wallace
Wayne Wallace on Mongo Ridge, photo by Wayne Wallace
  Far Above the Beaten Path
The Allure of Cascade High Traverses
by Bob Kandiko
Above the clouds, photo by Bob Kandiko
  There and Back Again
Alone on the Ptarmigan Traverse
by Jason Hummel
Jason Hummel and kayak, photo by Jason Hummel
  Center Stage on Mount Hood
A Rescuer’s Perspective on a Tragic Climb
by Iain Morris
Mount Hood, photo by Iain Morris
  Short Reports
New winter ascents, new ski descents,
and new alpine route activity.
Climbing ice on Three Fingers, photo by Dave Burdick
  On a Wing and a Prayer
The Mountaineering Roots of Northwest Paragliding
by Lowell Skoog
Paragliding near Glacier Peak, photo by Lowell Skoog
  Austin Post
Legendary Chronicler of Glaciers
by John Scurlock
Austin Post, courtesy of C Suzanne Brown
  Our Vanishing Glaciers
The Past and Future of Cascade Glaciers
by Mauri Pelto
Searching for Paradise Glacier, photo by Greg Louie
  North Cascades National Park
Highlights of climbing activity
and statistics from 2006 and before.
by Kelly Bush
Mount Challenger crag, photo by Mike Layton
  Mount Rainier National Park
Highlights of climbing activity
and statistics from 2006 and before.
by Mike Gauthier
Climbing Ptarmigan Ridge, photo by Josh Farris
  The Serious Sixties
Portrait of a Climber as a Young Man
by Mike Swayne
Mike Swayne on Buck Mountain in 1962
Contributors to Issue 4 with links to
personal web sites where available.
Mike Layton taking a bath, photo by Eric Wolfe