Joan Firey descending from The Rake, Southern Pickets, 1974. Photo © Knudson Photographic Trust.
  The Indefatigable Fireys  
  Exploratory Mountaineers of the Cascades and Coast Mountains  
  by Lowell Skoog  

T he peak was unnamed, the approach untraveled. No guidebook described the route that Joe and Joan Firey plotted through the Picket Range in the summer of 1970. They knew easier approaches to the peak they wanted to climb, but the unknown traverse they proposed was far more interesting. Would the crossing into McMillan Cirque go? Would the mysterious peak be climbable with the gear they carried? Would the weather hold for their unconventional route back to civilization? Could their teenage daughter Carla handle the rugged travel? Uncertainty lurked beyond every turn. For the Fireys, that was just the way they liked it.

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