Volcanic steam and Mount Baker. Photo © John Scurlock.
Issue 5  
  Summer 2008
by Lowell Skoog and the Editorial Team
View from Mount Shuksan. Photo © Eric Wehrly.
  The Allure of the Wild
New climbs in Washington’s wilderness alps
by Blake Herrington
Stemming on the Gunsight Traverse. Photo © Dan Hilden.
  The Wisdom of Running Ragged
Into the time machine on Ragged Ridge
by Pat Gallagher
Mesahchie and Katsuk Peaks above the clouds. Photo © Pat Gallagher.
  The Traverse of a Lifetime
A high ridgeline tour around Mount Olympus
by Steph Abegg
Stars over the Bailey Range. Photo © Steph Abegg.
  Adventure Running
The fusion of trail running and mountaineering
by Leor Pantilat
On the summit of Mount Olympus. Photo © Leor Pantilat.
  Short Reports
New winter ascents, new ski descents
and new alpine route activity
Kicking steps up Mount Shuksan. Photo © Eric Wehrly.
  The Indefatigable Fireys
Exploratory mountaineers of
the Cascades and Coast Mountains
by Lowell Skoog
On the Bacon Creek traverse. Photo © Jim McCarthy.
  Ed Cooper’s Cascades
Looking back at Cascade mountaineering
through the words and lens of Ed Cooper
Shading the camera lens. Photo © Ed Cooper.
  Deadly Season of Avalanches
Review of the unprecedented 2007-2008 season
by Garth Ferber
Avalanche crown wall at Alpental. Photo © David Kratsch.
  North Cascades National Park
Highlights of climbing activity
and statistics from 2007 and before
by Kevork Arackellian
Helicopter short haul. Photo © Kelly Bush.
  Mount Rainier, 100 Years Later
A century of change on
the Northwest’s greatest mountain
by Donn Venema
Rainier summit, 1908 and 2004. Photos courtesy Donn Venema.
  The Climber’s Guide to the Universe
Fred Beckey and the search for meaning
by Malcolm Bates
Climber with galaxy. Photo by Carl Skoog and the Hubble telescope.
Contributors to Issue 5 with links to
personal web sites where available
Searching for late season snow. Photo © Jason Hummel.