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Year Month-Day Who Where What References
1933 Late Spring Ome Daiber and J. Wendell Trosper Bogachiel Peak Ski ascent from Sol Duc Hot Springs mtneer-a-1933-p15, daiber-ome
1935-36 - U.S. Forest Service Deer Park Ski area opened subject index
Circa 1936 - Dwight Watson and friends, including John Bissell, Ralph Eskenazi, Andy Hennig, and Walt Hoffman NE and SE Olympic Mountains Ski scouting trips mtneer-a-1937-p28, mtneer-a-1944-p39, dw-scrapbook-p229, omr-1988-p219b, watson-dwight
1936 late June, early July Dwight Watson Bailey Range Solo traverse on foot, starting out with short summer skis dw-scrapbook-p231, dw-scrapbook-p235, dw-scrapbook-p228
1938 April Max Borst and others Deer Park to Elwha River Traverse of Hurricane Ridge area on skis wshs-ephemera-796.93-Ed21w, paen-1938-Apr-22-p8, paen-1938-Apr-25-p6
1938 June 29 U.S. Congress Olympic Mountains Olympic National Park established subject index
1939 April 30 Walt Dyke and Dwight Watson Mt Bretherton Ski scouting trip dw-scrapbook-idx, dw-papers-box2-F
1941 March 41st Division Ski Patrol, including John Woodward Dosewallips River to Quinault River Crossing of southern Olympic Mountains on skis burton-1971-p88b, winters-eugene, woodward-john
1941 April 8-13 41st Division Ski Patrol, including John Woodward Deer Park to Elwha River Traverse of Hurricane Ridge area on skis burton-1971-p88c, winters-eugene, woodward-john
1947-51 - Pete Schoening and others Mt Olympus Attempts to climb the mountain in winter, occasionally using skis mtneer-a-1948-p54b, mtneer-a-1959-p63, schoening-pete
1957-58 - - Hurricane Ridge Ski area opened subject index
1957-58 - Ed LaChapelle, IGY research team Mt Olympus Spent a year on the Snow Dome doing research for the International Geophysical Year (IGY). Skis used on Blue Glacier. subject index
1958 January 5 Jim Hawkins (IGY research team) Mt Olympus Winter ascent (from IGY station) hawkins-jim
1965 January 1 John Norgord, Richard Springgate, Jan Still, John Wells Mt Olympus Winter ascent (unsupported) summit-1965-mar-p18
Circa 1979 July Steve Barnett, Dave Kahn Mt Olympus Ski ascent from Hoh River pnw-1980-mar-p24
1979 - Dana Hayes Bailey Range Ski traverse, solo A rumor, undocumented
1984 July U.S. Congress Olympic Mountains Washington Wilderness Act establishes Buckhorn, The Brothers, Mt Skokomish, Wonder Mountain, and Colonel Bob Wilderness Areas omr-1988-p26
1989 June 1-5 Brian Sullivan, Joe Catellani, Jens Kieler (then Kuljurgis), Lowell and Carl Skoog Bailey Range Ski traverse from Soleduck River along Bailey Range to Mt Olympus lds-journal-p517
- - - - - -
2007 April 15 Phil Fortier, Sky Sjue Mt Deception NE Chute, ski descent nwmj-5-shorts, strawman
2007 April 20 David Coleman, Sky Sjue Mt Mystery E-NE Face, ski descent nwmj-5-shorts, strawman
2007 May 6 Aaron Scott and partner The Brothers, South Peak South Couloir, ski descent undocumented, strawman
2007 May 26 Phil Fortier Inner Constance NE Face (Route 4), ski descent nwmj-5-shorts, strawman
2008 May 24 David Coleman, Phil Fortier Sundial Peak ESE Face, ski descent nwmj-6-shorts, strawman
2008 July 25 Dan Helmstadter Mt Olympus North Face of West Peak, North Couloir of Snow Dome, ski descents nwmj-6-shorts, strawman
2008 and 2009 May Mary Goodfellow, Eric Jackson NE Olympics Ski traverse from Hurricane Ridge to Mount Constance (two segments, linked at Royal Basin) nwmj-7-shorts
2009 June 6-8 Jason Hummel, Kyle Miller Olympus Middle Pk (North Face), Athena (North Face), Olympus West Pk (SW Face), Hugin (West Face) Ski and snowboard descents nwmj-7-shorts
2011 July 9 Jason Hummel, Kyle Miller Mt Olympus Traverse (East-Middle-West Peaks), Ski and snowboard traverse including ski descent of East Peak undocumented
2012 April 15 Eric Wehrly Mt Constance East Face, ski descent undocumented
2012 May 11 Jack Ganster, Katie and Tyler Reid Rocky Peak SE face ("The Dragon's Tooth"), ski descent (also north couloir, "Broken Tooth," an older route?) undocumented
2013 January 18 Tyler Reid, Jack Ganster, Solveig Waterfall Mt Angeles (SW subpeak) ENE Couloir ("The Pipeline"), ski descent (some downclimbing) undocumented
2013 February 10 Tyler Reid, Jack Ganster Mt Angeles (SW subpeak) East Face ("The Hourglass"), ski descent (some downclimbing) undocumented
2013 April 1 Dan Helmstadter Mt Deception East Face, ski descent undocumented
2013 April 2 Dan Helmstadter Martin Peak East Face, ski descent undocumented
2014 May 31 Tyler Reid Mt Johnson NW Couloir, ski descent undocumented
2016 May 11-19 Tim Black, Jason Hummel Olympic Mountains N-S ski traverse from Hurricane Ridge to Lake Cushman undocumented
2017 April 21 Tim Halder, Eric Wehrly Mt Constance East Face (Great Amphitheatre), ski descent undocumented
2018 April 23 Eric Wehrly, Dylan Price Mt Constance NE Chute, ski descent undocumented
2018 May 28 Jake Chartier, Jason Hummel, Carl Simpson Mt Olympus Circumnavigation of Olympus massif. Trip also included descents of Mercury (N and W face), Athena II (NE Face), and Mt Tom (S face). undocumented

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