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The Avalanche Review, 1982-89

Lowell Skoog has PDF or paper copies of all issues documented here.

The Avalanche Review 1982

Sue Ferguson is the founding publisher/editor of TAR.

TAR 1:1, October 1982, p. 2:

"Fact and theories tend to get muddled or even misinterpreted because of isolated interests, maybe a little provincialism or just limited interaction. I am convinced that snow science and avalanche technology need to reestablish credibility of thought and experience by opening the valves of communication. One way to accomplish this is through a newsletter..."

TAR 1:1, October 1982, p. 5:

There was an ISSW held in Bozeman, MT in Oct 1982. See also: ISSW History.

Ed LaChapelle organized an informal gathering in Seattle in 1971. Other workshops were held in succeeding years. In 1982 the first "ISSW" (motto: "A merging of theory and practice") was organized at Montana State U.

Phil Taylor in Seattle runs Hydro-Tech, Custom Instruments for the Earth Sciences. (Since then, Taylor has provided instrumentation for NWAC for many years.)

TAR 1:1, October 1982, p. 6:

A backcountry avalanche school sponsored by American Avalanche Institute (based in Wyoming) is scheduled at Crystal Mtn in January, 1983. (Paul Baugher told me that he helped teach these classes for Rod Newcomb's school.) Later, Baugher and Mark Moore spun off what they called the Northwest Avalanche Institute to provide local avalanche instruction.

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