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Mount Rainier National Park, the Tatoosh Range, and areas to the east including Chinook Pass and Crystal Mountain.
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Year Month-Day Who Where What References
1899 - U.S. Congress - Mt Rainier National Park established subject index
Before 1910 - Milnor Roberts and others Longmire to Paradise Scattered use of skis by individuals in the park Milnor Roberts, Thor Bisgaard
1912 - - Paradise Road to Paradise opened (summer only, gradually extended in winter during the 1930s) subject index
1912-13 New Years holiday Mountaineers Tacoma branch Longmire First organized winter outing to Mt Rainier, which became an annual event through 1930. Olive Rand participated using skis. subject index
1917 July 29 Northwest Ski Club Paradise First annual ski jumping tournament subject index
1922 February 13 Jean and Jacques Landry, Jacques Bergues, with Charles Perryman Mt Rainier, Gibraltar route First winter ascent of Mt Rainier, skis abandoned at Anvil Rock spi-1922-feb, mtneer-b-1922-may, cp-newsreels, soyp-1936-y1922, dm-papers, molenaar-1997-p154
1927 May 2 Andrew W. Anderson, E. Lester LaVelle, W. J. Maxwell Emmons Glacier Attempted ski ascent of Mt Rainier, reaching 12,500 feet wjm-rainier-1927, mtneer-a-1927-p49, mtneer-photos-alb13, mtneer-a-1941-p5
1928 April 8 Bill Maxwell, Andy Anderson, Fred DuPuis, Lars Lovseth, Walter Best, Otto Strizek, Otto Giese Emmons Glacier Ski-climb, abandoning skis at 11,800 feet. Three men continued to the summit on crampons. mtneer-b-1928-may, mtneer-a-1928-p45, giese-photos-alb7, mtneer-photos-alb13, mtneer-a-1941-p5, bowen-1963-ch6, seattle-1969-dec-p49, molenaar-1997-p169
1930 or before - W.J. Maxwell et al Mt Rainier area Popular tours established: Indian Henry's Hunting Ground, Cowlitz Rocks to the Paradise River, Pinnacle-Castle saddle, Camp Muir, Paradise to the Nisqually glacier snout, and from Steamboat Prow (Interglacier) to Storbo mining camp in Glacier basin mtneer-a-1930-p53
1931 - Edwin Loners, Clifford Solberg, Robert Sperlin Mt Ruth Ski ascent (not the first?) st-1933-sep-23
1931 Summer State Highway Department Chinook Pass Highway completed subject index
1933 April Paul Gilbreath and J. Wendell Trosper Little Tahoma Ski ascent (SE flank) molenaar-1997-p192
1934 April Otto Strizek, Orville Borgersen, Ben Spellar Mt Rainier Ski traverse from Paradise to Glacier Basin via Camp Muir and Emmons Glacier tt-1934-apr-17, mtneer-a-1934-p20, skimag-1936-jan-p13a
1934 April 22 Don Fraser, winner Camp Muir to Paradise First Silver Skis race subject index
1937 - Ralph Eskenazi, Sigurd Hall and Dwight Watson Cowlitz Chimneys Ski traverse of Governors Ridge from Cayuse Pass to Summerland mtneer-a-1937-p28, mtneer-a-1945-p32, dw-scrapbook-idx
1937-38 - Chauncey Griggs and Jim Parker Paradise First rope tow at Paradise subject index
1938 May 22 Sigurd Hall, Dwight Watson and others Old Desolate Ski summit dw-scrapbook-p459, dw-scrapbook-p101, mtneer-a-1945-p32
1939 July 2 Sigurd Hall and Andy Hennig Emmons Glacier Complete ski ascent of Mt Rainier, partial ski descent spi-1939-jul-04, st-1939-jul-17, mtneer-a-1939-p30, mtneer-a-1941-p5, summit-1963-jun-p32
1940 April 2-4 Mel Borgersen, Bill Butler, Ome Daiber, Bob Hayes, other park rangers Mt Rainier Ski traverse from White River to Carbon River mrnp-ranger-1940-apr
1940 June 9 Virginia Hill, Otto Trott and Dwight Watson Mt Rainier Ski traverse from Colonnade to Klapatchie Park dw-scrapbook-idx, dw-scrapbook-p73, dw-scrapbook-p97, dw-papers-box2-F
1941 February 10-14 15th Infantry Ski Patrol, including John Woodward and ranger Bill Butler Mt Rainier Ski traverse from White River to Mowich Lake mrnp-ranger-1941-feb-Chief, woodward-john, burton-1971-p88a
1941-42 Winter 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army Paradise Army units trained at Paradise subject index
1948 July 18 Charles Welsh, Cliff Schmidtke, Dave Roberts, Kermit Bengtson Emmons Glacier First complete ski descent of Mt Rainier mtneer-a-1948-p37, molenaar-1997-p169, welsh-chuck
1953-54 - Gov. Arthur B. Langlie Paradise Tramway controversy subject index
1955 July 24 Robert McCall and Marcel Schuster Emmons Glacier Second ski descent of the mountain molenaar-1997-p169, snw-1990-feb-p14
1961 June 18 John Ahern, Bill Briggs, Roger Brown, Gordie Butterfield, Joe Marillac, Roger Paris, Jim Whittaker and Lou Whittaker Ingraham Glacier Ski descent summit-1961-aug-p14, tnt-1961-oct-15, nwskier-1961-oct-20-p1, nwskier-1990-nov-p8, isha-1997-3rd-p28, isha-1998-3rd-p19
1961 August 5 Erline Anderson Schuster Reber (with Robert McCall) Emmons Glacier First ski descent by a woman molenaar-2001-p208
1962-63 - - Crystal Mountain Crystal Mountain Ski Area opened subject index
- - - - - -
1980 May 3-4 Dan Davis, Tom Janisch, Jeff Haley Fuhrer Finger Ski descent molenaar-1997-p343
1980 May 12 Chris Landry Liberty Ridge Ski descent spi-1980-jun-08-p1, robinson-1996-ch24, summit-1994-win-p76
1984 July U.S. Congress Mt Rainier Area Washington Wilderness Act establishes Clearwater, Glacier View, Norse Peak, and Tatoosh Wilderness Areas usfs-1984-wmaps, cascadian-1984-p7
1985 Spring Dale Farnham Kautz Glacier and chute Ski descent nwmj-1-skoog
1986 May 24-30 N.L. Kirkland, Terry Pritchards, Dana Rush and Dr. Roy Walters Mt Rainier, High level orbit Complete ski orbit of Rainier (clockwise from Paradise) tnt-1983-jun-5-mag10, molenaar-1997-p320, filley-1996-p254a
1988 Spring Dale Farnham Gibraltar Chute Ski descent nwmj-1-skoog
Circa 1992 June Jim Collinson Wilson Glacier Headwall Ski descent nwmj-1-skoog
1995 - Jethro Robinson Lane Peak North chute, right ("Zipper"), ski descent undocumented, strawman.
1997 May Rob Gibson, Aaron Horwitz, Darrel Howe Tahoma Glacier Partial ski descent (and traverse of the peak) nwmj-1-skoog
1997 July 19 Armond DuBuque, Doug Ingersoll, Andrew McLean, Carl Skoog Edmunds Glacier Headwall (Mowich Face) Ski descent backcountry-1998-jan-p22
1998 July 3 Luke Edgar and Chad Kellogg Success Glacier Couloir Snowboard descent couloir-1998-oct-p22
1999 May Aaron Martin, Lel Tone and Tom Wayes Fuhrer Thumb Ski descent undocumented
1999 May 24 David Persson Liberty Ridge Fatal fall while attempting ski descent harlin-2001-p113
2001 June Matt Farmer and Ned Randolph Tahoma Glacier Complete ski descent (and traverse of the peak) nwmj-1-skoog
2004 June 22 Donnelly Miller Winthrop Glacier Headwall Ski descent nwmj-2-shorts
2005 May 30 Phil Fortier Little Tahoma Lower NE Face (from 10,400ft entry point), ski descent undocumented, strawman.
2005 July 18 Sky Sjue Central Mowich Face Ski descent nwmj-3-shorts
2006 June 11 Sky Sjue Kautz Headwall Ski descent nwmj-4-shorts
2007 May 31 Sky Sjue Sunset Ridge Ski descent (used crampons below Liberty Cap to reach top of ridge) nwmj-5-shorts
2008 May 1 Aaron Mainer, Oliver Deshler Nisqually Icefall Ski descent (one rappel) undocumented
2009 May 23-25 Joe Schaaf, Lance Young Mt Rainier, Sourdough Ridge Ski traverse from Buck Creek to White River. (Traverse extended to Burroughs Mtn in June 2012 by Kyle Miller.) undocumented
2010 May 9 Andy Bond, Jesse Dudley Sunset Amphitheatre Couloir Ski descent undocumented
2010 July 15 Dan Helmstadter, Eric Wehrly Sunset Ridge Ski descent (continuous) undocumented
2011 April 22 Andy Bond, Tyler Jones, Seth Waterfall Nisqually Ice Cliff Ski descent undocumented
2011 May 4 Andy Bond South Tahoma Headwall Ski descent undocumented
2011 June 26 Eric Wehrly, Pete Hirst, Dan Helmstadter Ptarmigan Ridge Ski descent (with rappel and crampon traverse around 11,200ft) undocumented
2011 July 2 Andy Bond South Edmunds Headwall Ski descent undocumented
2012 May 15 Aaron Mainer, Oliver Deshler Liberty Ridge East ("Cryogenesis") Ski descent (two rappels near Liberty Cap, one at bottom of face) undocumented
2015 May 2 Jeff Rich, Carl Simpson, Rowan Stewart, Andy Traslin Little Tahoma NE Face (from 10,700ft entry point), ski descent. (Also see May 30, 2005 descent.) undocumented
2017 May 23 Peter Dale, Aaron Mainer Willis Wall ("Thermogenesis") Ski descent (rappel over bergschrund at bottom of face) undocumented

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