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ID Author Title Publisher Location Year Library Reviewed Notes
aac-1961 Cascade Section, AAC Climbers' Guide to the Cascade and Olympic Mountains of Washington American Alpine Club Boston, MA 1961 OC-GWM LDS, 8/6/2001 Ski photo by Ed LaChapelle
allen-1993 Allen, E. John B. From Skisport to Skiing: One Hundred Years of an American Sport, 1840-1940 Univ. Mass. Press Amherst, MA 1993 LDS LDS, 1/6/2002 Schwartz: "Definitive history of skiing between 1840 and 1940 and its impact on our culture. First extensive survey of American ski history in English."
allen-2002 Allen, E. John B., Ed. 2002 International Ski History Congress International Skiing History Association New Hartford, CT 2002 LDS LDS, 10/7/2004 Selected papers from seminars held at Park City, Utah on January 20-24, 2002
allen-2007 Allen, E. John B. The Culture and Sport of Skiing, From Antiquity to World War II Univ. Mass. Press Amherst, MA 2007 LDS - -
amsler-1939 Amsler, Rudy Mountaineer Ski Guide Self-published Seattle, WA 1939 LDS, copy from UWSpecColl, Accession 3272 LDS, 11/25/2002 Ski tours in Snoqualmie Pass area.
anderson-2013 Anderson, David A. Images of America: Mount St Helens Arcadia Publishing Charleston, SC 2013 LDS - -
armbruster-1999 Armbruster, Kurt E. Orphan Road: The Railroad Comes to Seattle, 1853-1911 Washington State University Press Pullman, WA 1999 LDS LDS, 10/28/2010 The development of railroads into western Washington, focusing on Seattle.
armstrong-1986 Armstrong, Betsy and Knox Williams The Avalanche Book Fulcrum, Inc. Golden, CO 1986 LDS LDS, 8/4/2005 Non-technical description of snow avalanche science, protection, survival, and lore.
arthur-1998 Arthur, Jean Timberline and a Century of Skiing on Mount Hood Whitefish Editions Whitefish, MT 1998 LDS LDS, 7/5/2005 Mainly post-1955 ski area history.
atkeson-1960 Atkeson, Ray Ski and Snow U.S. Camera New York, NY 1960 LDS LDS, 9/9/2002 Schwartz: "Photo essay of skiing in western states with chapters on photography, Squaw Valley Olympics, and the history of skiing."
atkeson-2000 Atkeson, Ray and Warren Miller Ski & Snow Country: The Golden Years of Skiing in the West, 1930s-1950s Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co. Portland, OR 2000 LDS LDS, 9/9/2002 -
atwater-1968 Atwater, Montgomery M. The Avalanche Hunters Macrae Smith Co. Philadelphia, PA 1968 LDS LDS, 8/3/2005 Schwartz: "First-hand account of avalanches and research from the founder of the first avalanche research center in the Western hemisphere."
barnett-1978 Barnett, Steve Cross Country Downhill Pacific Search Press Seattle, WA 1978 LDS. I also have a copy of 2nd Ed (1979). 3rd Ed (1983) is at Mountaineers. LDS, 8/8/2005 -
barnett-1987 Barnett, Steve The Best Ski Touring in America Sierra Club San Francisco, CA 1987 LDS LDS, 8/9/2005 Schwartz: "Cross-country skiing guidebook."
bates-1987 Bates, Malcolm S. Three Fingers: The Mountain, The Men and a Lookout Cloudcap Seattle, WA 1987 LDS LDS, 12/2/2002 -
bates-1992 Bates, Malcolm S. Cascade Voices: Conversations With Washington Mountaineers Cloudcap Seattle, WA 1992 LDS LDS, 8/21/2002 -
bauer-2010 Bauer, Wolf and Lynn Hyde Crags, Eddies & Riprap: The Sound Country Memoir of Wolf Bauer Northwest Passage Press Seattle, WA 2010 LDS LDS, 3/5/2010 Memoir of a legendary Northwest outdoorsman published shortly after his 98th birthday.
beckey-1977 Beckey, Fred Challenge of the North Cascades The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1977 LDS LDS, 12/30/2000 Account of the author's Cascade climbs through the 1960s.
beckey-v1-1987 Beckey, Fred Cascade Alpine Guide, 1: Columbia River to Stevens Pass The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1987 LDS LDS, 1/1/2001 -
beckey-v2-1989 Beckey, Fred Cascade Alpine Guide, 2: Stevens Pass to Rainy Pass The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1989 LDS LDS, 1/1/2001 -
beckey-v3-1995 Beckey, Fred Cascade Alpine Guide, 3: Rainy Pass to Fraser River The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1995 LDS LDS, 1/1/2001 -
beckey-2003 Beckey, Fred Range of Glaciers: The Exploration and Survey of the Northern Cascade Range Oregon Historical Society Press Portland, OR 2003 LDS LDS, 6/21/2003 19th century history
berner-1992 Berner, Richard C. Seattle 1921-1940: From Boom to Bust Charles Press Seattle, WA 1992 LDS, partial copy from SPL LDS, 10/14/2002 -
berry-1982 Berry, I. William Great North American Ski Book Charles Scribner's Sons New York, NY 1982 LDS, partial copy from SPL. I have complete copy of 1973 edition. LDS, 8/13/2002 Schwartz: "Revised and updated edition of America's Ski Book by the editors of Ski Magazine."
besser-1983 Besser, Gretchen R. The National Ski Patrol: Samaritans of the Snow Countryman Press Woodstock, VT 1983 LDS, partial copy from TPL LDS, 12/4/2002 Schwartz: "The founding and development of the National Ski Patrol, started by Minot Dole in 1938."
blikom-2003 Blikom, Anne-Gry and Eivind Molde Sondre Norheim: The Father of Modern Skiing North American Heritage Press Minot, ND 2003 LDS - -
bowen-1963 Bowen, Ezra Book of American Skiing J.B. Lippencott Co. Philadelphia, PA 1963 LDS, partial copy from TPL LDS, 8/10/2002 Schwartz: "Panoramic view of people, resorts, races, controversies, and other aspects of American skiing. Many photos."
bradley-1994 Bradley, Charles Aleutian Echoes University of Alaska Press Fairbanks, AK 1994 LDS LDS, 8/18/2001 Good description of the Mt Rainier phase of 10th Mountain Division training.
brooks-1998 Brooks, Thomas R. Tenth Mountain Division Turner Publishing Co. Paducah, KY 1998 LDS, borrowed from Kathleen Long, made partial copy. LDS, 7/26/2005 Contains short biographies of many division veterans
brower-1948 Brower, David R., ed. Remount Blue: The Combat Story of the 3rd Battalion, 86th Mountain Infantry Self-published Berkeley, CA 1948, updated circa 2002 LDS, borrowed from Duke Watson, made copy. LDS, 6/21/2001 Includes gripping first-hand accounts of combat on Mont Della Torraccia.
browne-2004 Browne, David Amped: How Big Air, Big Dollars, and a New Generation Took Sports to the Extreme Bloomsbury Publishing New York, NY 2004 LDS - -
bryant-1986 Bryant, Sandy K. Nelson Mountain Air: The Life of Gordon Stuart - Mountain Man of the North Cascades Directed Media Wenatchee, WA 1986 UWSpecColl, made partial copy LDS, 10/20/2004 Long-time Domke Lake trapper
burgdorfer-1986 Burgdorfer, Rainer Backcountry Skiing in Washington's Cascades The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1986 LDS LDS, 9/1/2004 Reference
burgdorfer-1999 Burgdorfer, Rainer 100 Classic Backcountry Ski and Snowboard Routes in Washington The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1999 LDS LDS, 9/1/2004 Reference
burr-2008 Burr, Eric Ski Trails and Wildlife: Toward Snow Country Restoration Trafford Publishing Bloomington, IN 2008 LDS - -
burton-1971 Burton, Hal The Ski Troops Simon and Schuster New York, NY 1971 LDS LDS, 6/16/2001 Schwartz: "Stories of action by the 10th Mountain Division during World War II."
caldwell-1998 Caldwell, Francis E. Beyond the Trails, With Herb and Lois Crisler in Olympic National Park Anchor Publishing Port Angeles, WA 1998 LDS LDS, 11/27/2002 -
casewit-1981 Casewit, Curtis W. The Saga of the Mountain Soldiers Julian Messner New York, NY 1981 LDS, borrowed from Duke Watson, made partial copy. LDS, 6/20/2001 Schwartz: "Complete history of the 10th Mountain Division from its inception to after World War II."
catton-1996 Catton, Theodore Wonderland: An Administrative History of Mount Rainier National Park National Park Service Seattle, WA 1996 LDS, partial copy from TPL and CCL, also available on the web. LDS, 12/11/2002 -
cialdini-1984 Cialdini, Robert B., Ph. D. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion HarperCollins Publishers New York, NY 1984 LDS - -
cliff-1987 Cliff, Peter Ski Mountaineering Pacific Search Press Seattle, WA 1987 LDS LDS, 8/15/2005 History, technique, tours world-wide, by a British author.
clifford-2002 Clifford, Hal Downhill Slide: Why the Corporate Ski Industry Is Bad for Skiing, Ski Towns, and the Environment Sierra Club Books San Francisco, CA 2002 LDS LDS, 2/2/2004 -
coffey-2003 Coffey, Maria Where the Mountain Casts Its Shadow: The Dark Side of Extreme Adventure St. Martin's Press New York, NY 2003 LDS LDS, 1/8/2005 Risk taking and its effects on loved ones.
cohen-1985 Cohen, Stan Pictorial History of Downhill Skiing Pictorial History Publishing Co. Missoula, MT 1985 LDS (1999 printing) LDS, 7/15/2005 Schwartz: "American pictorial and written ski history from the 1860s in California mining camps to ski museums of today."
corff-2008 Corff, Nicholas Campbell The Making of a Rescuer: The Inspiring Life of Otto T. Trott, M.D. Trafford Publishing Bloomington, IN 2008 LDS LDS, 11/29/2009 -
cram-2000 Cram, Bob You May Qualify As an Ancient Skier If... Ancient Skiers Association Mercer Island, WA 2000 LDS - Cartoons
cram-2013 Cram, Bob That's Ski Life Third Place Press Lake Forest Park, WA 2013 LDS - Cartoons
crews-1996 Crews, Paul Early Hiking in the Olympics, 1922-1942 Peanut Butter Publishing Seattle, WA 1996 LDS LDS, 7/31/2001 Stories of hiking, climbing and skiing by the author and his Bremerton friends.
crowley-2001 Crowley, Walt et al Seattle & King County Timeline History Ink Seattle, WA 2001 LDS LDS, 12/29/2002 -
donofrio-2013 D'Onofrio, John and Todd Warger Images of America: Mount Baker Arcadia Publishing Charleston, SC 2013 LDS - -
dawson-1998 Dawson, Louis W. Wild Snow: 54 Classic Ski and Snowboard Descents of North America American Alpine Club Golden, CO 1998 LDS LDS, 12/31/2000 History and guidebook combined.
devin-1997 Devin, Doug Mazama, The Past 100 Years: Life and Events in the Upper Methow Valley and Early Winters Peanut Butter Publishing Seattle, WA 1997 LDS, partial copy from SPL LDS, 1/9/2005 Mainly interesting for history of proposed Early Winters resort
devin-2008 Devin, Doug Mazama: The Past 100 Years Shafer Historical Museum Winthrop, WA 2008 LDS purchased from SHM - Updated version of Devin's self-published 1997 book.
dole-1965 Dole, C. Minot Adventures in Skiing Franklin Watts New York, NT 1965 LDS, partial copy from TCL-SV LDS, 12/5/2002 Schwartz: "The founder of the National Ski Patrol gives a lively story of his life, early American skiing and the World War II 10th Mountain Division."
dow-1964 Dow, Edson Adventure in the Northwest Outdoor Publishing Co. Wenatchee, WA 1964 LDS, partial copy courtesy of Harry Majors. Also at UWSpecColl. LDS, 9/2/2004 Chapter 11: "Mountain Man" (Dale Allen)
dreyfus-1970b Dreyfus, Paul Sylvain Saudan: skieur de l'impossible Arthaud Grenoble 1970 LDS - Published in French
dudley-1935 Dudley, Charles M. 60 Centuries of Skiing Stephen Daye Press Brattleboro, VT 1935 LDS - Schwartz: "Early skiing history; covers much of the pre-19th century era and regional histories around the world."
earle-1945 Earle, George History of the 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment Bradford Robinson Publishing Co. Denver, CO 1945 LDS, photocopy from DPL-WHG LDS, 7/19/2005 Schwartz: "Story of the 10th Mountain Division's 87th."
elkins-1949 Elkins, Frank and Frank Harper, ed. World Ski Book Longmans, Green & Co. New York, NY 1949 LDS, partial copy from TPL LDS, 8/15/2002 Schwartz: "Classic American ski book covers skiing around the world and how it got there."
evans-1971 Evans, Brock The Alpine Lakes The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1971 LDS LDS, 8/8/2005 Reference: Outstanding photos by Ed Cooper and Bob Gunning. Essays and conservation background by Brock Evans.
fawcus-1947 Fawcus, Arnold Swing into Skiing Harcourt Brace & Co. New York, NY 1947 TCL-SV LDS, 9/26/2001 Schwartz: "General ski instruction. Forward by Charles Proctor." Interesting note on the dust jacket.
ficken-1988 Ficken, Robert E. and Charles P. LeWarne Washington: A Centennial HIstory University of Washington Press Seattle, WA 1988 LDS LDS, 12/17/2002 Commissioned by the Washington State Centennial Commission
filley-1996 Filley, Bette The Big Fact Book About Mount Rainier Dunamis House Issaquah, WA 1996 LDS, partial copy LDS, 6/5/2001 A potpourri of facts about Rainier, some useful skiing info.
firsoff-1943 Firsoff, V.A. Ski Track on the Battlefield A.S. Barnes and Co. New York, NY 1943 LDS, partial copy from Mountaineers LDS, 8/1/2005 Schwartz: "Development of military skiing in Europe before World War II, with descriptions of early WWII activity."
flores-1972 Tejada-Flores, Lito and Allen Steck Wilderness Skiing Sierra Club San Francisco, CA 1972 LDS LDS, 8/5/2005 Schwartz: "The whys and hows of skiing off the beaten track."
flores-1981 Tejada-Flores, Lito Backcountry Skiing: The Sierra Club Guide to Skiing off the Beaten Track Sierra Club San Francisco, CA 1981 LDS LDS, 8/11/2005 Schwartz: "The Sierra Club comprehensive guide to skiing off the beaten track."
flower-1977 Flower, Raymond The History of Skiing and Other Winter Sports Methuen New York, NY 1977 LDS, partial copy from EvtPL LDS, 8/17/2002 Schwartz: "British author presents the history of skiing, skating and other winter activities. With photos and illustrations."
fry-2006 Fry, John The Story of Modern Skiing University Press of New England Lebanon, NH 2006 LDS - -
gelbspan-2004 Gelbspan, Ross Boiling Point: How Politicians, Big Oil and Coal, Journalists and Activists Are Fueling the Climate Crisis--and What We Can Do to Avert Disaster Basic Books New York, NY 2004 LDS LDS, 9/22/2004 Reference: Notes section has many references
gellatly-1962 Gellatly, John A. A History of Wentachee, The Apple Capital of the World Self-published Wenatchee, WA 1962 LDS, partial copy from WVM LDS, 10/14/2002 -
gilbert-1997 Gilbert, Martin A History of the Twentieth Century, Vol 1: 1900-1933 Avon Books New York, NY 1997 LDS - Reference: General history
gilbert-1998 Gilbert, Martin A History of the Twentieth Century, Vol 2: 1933-1951 Avon Books New York, NY 1998 LDS - Reference: General history
grauer-1975 Grauer, Jack Mount Hood: A Complete History Self-published Gresham, OR 1975 LDS LDS, 9/1/2002 Schwartz: "Series of short biographies and topical histories of names and places on Mount Hood in Oregon."
grauer-2005 Grauer, Jack Mount Hood: A Complete History, 4th Ed. Self-published Vancouver, WA 2005 LDS - Revision of 1975 book.
haines-1962 Haines, Aubrey Mountain Fever: Historic Conquests of Rainier Oregon Historical Society Portland, OR 1962 LDS, a gift from Gary Vogt - History of Mount Rainier until creation of the National Park.
harlin-2001 Harlin, John III (photography by James Martin) Mount Rainier: Views and Adventures Sasquatch Books Seattle, WA 2001 LDS LDS, 8/15/2005 David Persson accident
harper-1943 Harper, Frank Military Ski Manual: A Handbook for Ski and Mountain Troops The Military Service Publishing Co. Harrisburg, PA 1943 LDS LDS, 8/2/2005 Schwartz: "Extensive handbook for ski troops during World War II; describes World War I ski troops in Europe."
harper-1945 Harper, Frank Skiing For the Millions Longmans, Green & Co. New York, NY 1945 LDS, partial copy from TCL-SV LDS, 8/15/2002 Schwartz: "Wartime look at skiing with emphasis on mountaineering."
haukelid-1989 Haukelid, Knut Skis Against the Atom North American Heritage Press Minot, ND 1989 LDS LDS, 10/2/2005 Reference: Norwegian sabotage of Nazi heavy water plant, the task for which the Weasel was conceived.
hauptman-1977 Hauptman, Charles M., ed. Combat History of the 10th Mountain Division Self-published Billings, MT 1977 LDS, borrowed from Duke Watson, made copy. LDS, 6/21/2001 Schwartz: "A narrative by various members of the 10th Mountain Division describing combat action in Europe during 1944-45."
hazard-1920 Hazard, Joseph T. The Glacier Playfields of the Mt Rainier National Park Western Printing Company Seattle, WA 1920 LDS LDS, 12/6/2002 -
hazard-1932 Hazard, Joseph T. Snow Sentinels of the Pacific Northwest Lowman & Hanford Seattle, WA 1932 LDS LDS, 12/6/2002 -
heller-1980 Heller, Ramon Mount Baker Ski Area: A Pictorial History Mount Baker Recreation Company Bellingham, WA 1980 LDS LDS, 7/31/2002 Schwartz: "Photographic and narrative history from 1930-1965 at Mount Baker ski area in Washington state."
henderson-2006 Henderson, George M. Lonely on the Mountain: A Skier's Memoir Trafford Publishing Victoria, BC 2006 LDS - -
hult-1960 Hult, Ruby El Northwest Disaster: Avalanche and Fire Binfords & Mort Portland, OR 1960 LDS, partial copy from UWSpecColl LDS, 12/3/2004 Reference: Wellington disaster (about 100 pp.)
huntford-2008 Huntford, Roland Two Planks and a Passion: The Dramatic History of Skiing Continuum London 2008 LDS - -
imbrie-2000 Imbrie, John A Chronology of the 10th Mountain Division In World War II National Association of the 10th Mountain Division, Inc. Watertown, NY 2000 LDS LDS, 1/3/2005 Reference
jay-1947 Jay, John Skiing the Americas Macmillan Co. New York, NY 1947 LDS, partial copy from TPL LDS, 8/4/2002 Schwartz: "Reknowned ski writer and film-maker describes the development of skiing in the United States, with emphasis on people."
jay-1966 Jay, John Ski Down the Years Award House New York, NY 1966 LDS, partial copy from KCLS. Also at Mountaineers. LDS, 8/4/2002 Schwartz: "One of the best-ever ski histories is embellished with classic photographs."
jchs-2010 Jefferson County Historical Society Images of America: Olympic Mountains Arcadia Publishing Charleston, SC 2010 LDS - -
jenkins-2003 Jenkins, McKay The Last Ridge: The Epic Story of the U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division and the Assault on Hitler's Europe Random House New York, NY 2003 LDS LDS, 7/27/2005 -
kennedy-1999 Kennedy, David M. Freedom From Fear: The American People in Depression and War, 1929-1945 Oxford University Press New York, NY 1999 LDS - Reference: General history
kinnick-2007 Kinnick, John and Chery Images of America: Snoqualmie Pass Arcadia Publishing Charleston, SC 2007 LDS - -
kirk-1977 Kirk, Ruth Snow William Morrow & Co. New York, NY 1978 LDS LDS, 5/27/2002 -
kirk-1999 Kirk, Ruth Sunrise to Paradise: The Story of Mount Rainier National Park University of Washington Press Seattle, WA 1999 LDS LDS, 6/16/2002 -
kccc-1989 Kittitas County Centennial Committee A History of Kittitas County, Washington, 1989 Taylor Publishing Co. Dallas, TX 1989 LDS, partial copy from EbgPL LDS, 7/31/2002 Short entry on Cle Elum ski club
kjeldsen-1998 Kjeldsen, Jim The Mountaineers: A History The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1998 LDS LDS, 6/24/2002 -
kleppen-1986 Kleppen, Halvor Telemark Skiing: Norway's Gift to the World Det Norske Samlaget Oslo 1986 LDS, borrowed from Ingrid P. Wicken, later got my own copy. LDS, 2/24/2003 Schwartz: "Illustrated historical account of early skiing in Telemark and its movement to other continents."
krist-2007 Krist, Gary The White Cascade: The Great Northern Railway Disaster and America's Deadliest Avalanche Henry Holt and Co. New York 2007 LDS LDS, 12/27/2012 1910 Wellington disaster at Stevens Pass, Washington.
lachapelle-1970 LaChapelle, Edward R. The ABC of Avalanche Safety Colorado Outdoor Sports Co. Denver, CO 1970 LDS LDS, 8/3/2005 Reference: Pocket handbook
lachapelle-1976 LaChapelle, Edward R. Central Avalanche Hazard Forecasting, Interim Report, Project Y-1700, Phase 1 Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington Seattle, WA June, 1976 LDS LDS, 10/19/2005 Reference: First year of program that became Northwest Avalanche Center. Prepared for WA State Dept. of Highways.
lachapelle-2001 LaChapelle, Edward R. Secrets of the Snow: Visual Clues to Avalanche and Ski Conditions University of Washington Press Seattle, WA 2001 LDS LDS, 6/17/2007 Photos of snow features, including one of Mt Olympus during the IGY Blue Glacier project.
landman-1949 Landman, Joan and David Where to Ski: Ski Guide to the U.S. and Canada Houghton Mifflin Boston, MA 1949 LDS, partial copy from Mazamas - Schwartz: "Detailed guide to U.S. and Canadian ski areas. Foreward by Lowell Thomas and introduction by Alex Bright."
lang-1994 Lang, Otto A Bird of Passage Falcon Press Helena, MT 1994 LDS LDS, 4/10/2001 Schwartz: "Autobiography of skiing and Hollywood master."
laskin-1997 Laskin, David Rains all the Time: A Connoisseur's History of Weather in the Pacific Northwest Sasquatch Books Seattle, WA 1997 LDS LDS, 4/28/2002 -
leich-2003 Leich, Jeff Tales of the 10th: The Mountain Troops and American Skiing New England Ski Museum Franconia, NH 2003 LDS LDS, 7/18/2005 Based on a 2000 museum exhibit
lightfoot-1997 Lightfoot, Cynthia The Culture of Adolescent Risk-Taking Guilford Press New York, NY 1997 LDS - -
logan-1996 Logan, Nick and Dale Atkins The Snowy Torrents: Avalanche Accidents in the United States, 1980-86 Colorado Geological Survey Denver, CO 1996 LDS, partial copy from Mountaineers LDS, 2/15/2003 Copied selected reports from four volumes, 1910-1986
louter-1998 Louter, David Contested Terrain: North Cascades National Park Service Complex, An Administrative History National Park Service Seattle, WA 1998 LDS, partial copy from CCL, also available on the web. LDS, 11/4/2004 Copied Part I, on the establishment of the park, and a few chapters from Part II, on early administration.
lucas-1996 Lucas, Joy It Started in the Mountains Professional Ski Instructors of America - NW Seattle, WA 1996 LDS - History of ski instruction and ski areas in the Northwest.
lucas-2006 Lucas, Joy The Ancient Skiers of the Pacific Northwest The Ancient Skiers Seattle, WA 2006 LDS - History of pre-World War II skiers in the Northwest.
lund-1982 Lund, Morten, Robert Gillen and Michael Bartlett, ed. The Ski Book Arbor House New York, NY 1982 LDS, partial copy from TCL-SV LDS, 8/15/2002 Schwartz: "Collection of articles and short stories about the development of skiing, races and exploration on skis."
lunn-1921 Lunn, Arnold Alpine Ski-ing at All Heights and Seasons E.P. Dutton New York, NY 1921 LDS, also a 2nd edition (1926) from Carl Skoog collection LDS, 2/28/2003 Schwartz: "Skiing under all snow and weather conditions."
lunn-1927 Lunn, Arnold A History of Ski-ing Oxford University Press London 1927 LDS, partial copy from Mountaineers LDS, 8/6/2002 Schwartz: "One of the best early histories of skiing, but with a noticable lack of tribute to the Norwegians. Classic photographs."
lunn-1949 Lunn, Arnold The Mountains of Youth (2nd Ed.) Eyre & Spottiswoode London 1949 LDS, from Carl Skoog collection - Schwartz: "Lunn's practice and beliefs during his early years." (First edition published in 1925.)
lunn-1952 Lunn, Arnold The Story of Ski-ing Eyre & Spottiswoode London 1952 LDS LDS, 8/16/2002 Schwartz: "Summary of Lunn's early book, History of Skiing, with emphasis on post-1927 ski development."
lunn-1957 Lunn, Arnold A Century of Mountaineering, 1857-1957 George Allen & Unwin London 1957 LDS, partial copy from Mountaineers LDS, 2/28/2003 Schwartz: "Arguably Lunn's best book: a golden century in the Alps."
manning-1965 Manning, Harvey The Wild Cascades: Forgotten Parkland Sierra Club San Francisco, CA 1965 LDS LDS, 3/26/2001 Exhibit format hardback.
manning-1968 Manning, Harvey The Wild Cascades: Forgotten Parkland (2) Sierra Club San Francisco, CA 1968 LDS LDS, 3/26/2001 Paperback, additional photos including winter scenes by Charles Hessey.
manning-1984 Manning, Harvey Washington Wilderness: The Unfinished Work The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1984 LDS LDS, 8/9/2005 Proposals for 1984 Washington Wilderness Act
manning-1988 Manning, Harvey REI: 50 Years of Climbing Together Recreational Equipment, Inc. Seattle, WA 1988 LDS LDS, 1/3/2003 -
manning-1992 Manning, Harvey Conservation and Conflict: The U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service in the North Cascades, 1892-1992 North Cascades Conservation Council Seattle, WA June 1992 LDS, courtesy of North Cascades Conservation Council LDS, 11/9/2004 Preliminary edition (notes unpublished), see manning-2007
manning-2007 Manning, Harvey with the North Cascades Conservation Council Wilderness Alps: Conservation and Conflict in Washington's North Cascades Northwest Wild Books Bellingham, WA 2007 LDS - Published edition of manning-1992
marler-2004 Marler, Chester East of the Divide: Travels through the eastern slope of the North Cascades 1870-1999 North Fork Books Leavenworth, WA 2004 LDS, courtesy of the author LDS, 7/13/2005 Natural history, historical narrative and essay.
martin-1995 Martin, Ken and Vida Gold Mining in Washington State, Yesterday and Today Golden Treasures Publishing Stanwood, WA 1995 LDS, purchased from SHM - -
mass-2008 Mass, Cliff The Weather of the Pacific Northwest University of Washington Press Seattle, WA 2008 LDS LDS, 6/12/2012 Chapter 12 on climate trends.
mcconnell-1988 McConnell, Grant Stehekin: A Valley in Time The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1988 LDS, partial copy from Mountaineers LDS, 12/1/2004 Personal account, 1946-68
mcdonald-1966 McDonald, Doug and Ida Puget Sound Regional Ski Guide, 1966-67 Edition Self-published Mercer Island, WA 1966 LDS, copied from KCLS LDS, 1/8/2005 Reference: Facilities at and near 17 ski areas in Washington and British Columbia
mcneil-1937 McNeil, Fred H. Wy'east, "The Mountain" Metropolitan Press Portland, OR 1937 LDS LDS, 2/2/2004 -
miles-1984 Miles, John C. Koma Kulshan: The Story of Mount Baker The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1984 LDS LDS, 8/2/2002 Schwartz: "Skiing and mountaineering on Mount Baker in Washington state, including the ski resort development."
miller-1964 Miller, Tom The North Cascades The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1964 LDS LDS, 1/8/2005 Exhibit format hardback. Text by Harvey Manning.
molenaar-1997 Molenaar, Dee The Challenge of Rainier, 3rd Ed, 7th Printing The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1997 LDS (2nd Ed.), Mountaineers (3rd Ed.) LDS, 1/3/2001 Classic history of mountaineering on Rainier.
molenaar-2009 Molenaar, Dee Mountains Don't Care, But We Do Mountain Rescue Association Seattle, WA 2009 LDS LDS, 3/1/2010 An early history of mountain rescue in the Pacific Northwest and the founding of the Mountain Rescue Association.
moore-1986 Moore, Charles K. We Were Ski Soldiers of World War II 10th Mountain Division Association Seattle, WA 1986 LDS LDS, 1/8/2005 Poetry
msc-1941 Mountaineers Ski Committee (Walt Little, Chairman) Ski Mountaineers' Notebook The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1942 LDS, copy from UWSpecColl, Accession 3272 - Reference: Handbook of Mountaineers ski mountaineering course in 1941-42.
msc-1942 Mountaineers Ski Committee (Walt Little, Chairman) Ski Mountaineering The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1942 LDS, copy from UWSpecColl, Accession 3272 LDS, 12/7/2009 Updated for second year of ski mountaineering course in 1942-43.
mosauer-1934 Mosauer, Walter On Skis Over the Mountains Cloister Press Hollywood, CA 1934 LDS, partial copy from TCL-SV LDS, 11/24/2002 "An illustrated primer on modern alpine skiing"
mueller-1968 Mueller, Ted and Spring, Bob and Ira Northwest Ski Trails The Mountaineers Seattle, WA 1968 LDS LDS, 5/1/2001 Schwartz: "Guide to developed ski areas and mountain trails of the Northwest."
murray-1998 Murray, Will, et al Mt Rainier Glacier Travel Guide Stanley Maps Mercer Island, WA 1998 LDS LDS, 12/31/2000 Map of glacier circumnavigations
nansen-1890 Nansen, Fridtjof The First Crossing of Greenland Birlinn Limited Edinburgh 1890 LDS, 2002 edition purchased at the Fram Museum, Oslo LDS, 9/2/2009 Schwartz: "One of the greatest ski expeditions, the first crossing of the Greenland icecap in 1888 by the Norwegians. Greatly popularized skiing."
ncst-1965 North Cascades Study Team The North Cascades: A report to the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture U.S. Dept of the Interior,
U.S. Dept of Agriculture
Washington, D.C. 1965 LDS, partial copy from UW LDS, 11/10/2004 -
needham-1987 Needham, Richard Ski: Fifty Years in North America Harry N. Abrams, Inc. New York, NY 1987 LDS - Schwartz: "Wonderful photographic and written history of skiing in North America starting with the opening of Sun Valley in 1936."
nwue-1997 Northwest Underground Explorations Discovering Washington's Historic Mines, Vol. 1: The West Central Cascade Mountains Oso Publishing Arlington, WA 1997 LDS LDS, 10/31/2010 I have not reviewed this book thoroughly but have used it for sporadic reference.
nwue-2002 Northwest Underground Explorations Discovering Washington's Historic Mines, Vol. 2: The East Central Cascade Mountains and the Wenatchee Mountains Oso Publishing Arlington, WA 2002 LDS - -
nwue-2006 Northwest Underground Explorations Discovering Washington's Historic Mines, Vol. 3: The Northern Cascade Mountains Oso Publishing Hamilton, MT 2006 LDS - -
oakes-2014 Oakes, Roger Merrill Images of America: Skiing in Olympic National Park Arcadia Publishing Charleston, SC 2014 LDS - -
olton-1936 Olton, Charles and Percy, ed. Ski Tracks William Morrow & Co. Jersey City 1936 LDS LDS, 9/9/2002 Schwartz: "Photographic essay on American skiing in the 1930s. Forward by Charles Proctor."
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