Alpenglow Gallery - Construction Notes

The Alpenglow Gallery is an ongoing project. Here's a list of updates.

November 2023
In the Mountain Themes section, posted a podcast with Edward Krigsman about the history of mountain skiing in the Northwest. Click here.
July 2023
Published a story about paragliding Crater Mountain in the North Cascades in 1994. Click here.
June 2023
Published a story about heli-skiing Mt Baker in 1981, before the mountain was protected under the 1984 Washington Wilderness Act. Click here.
May 2023
Published a story about the first winter ascent of Bonanza Peak, the highest non-volcanic summit in the Cascades, in 1979. Click here.
March 2022
My book, Written in the Snows: Across Time on Skis in the Pacific Northwest received a Skade Award from the International Skiing History Association. The book subsequently received the Western Ski Heritage Award from the Far West Ski Association (June 2022) and the National Outdoor Book Award for history (November 2022). Click here.
February 2022
In the Mountain Themes section, posted a video of my online presentation for the Methow Conservancy about my book Written in the Snows.
June 2021
In the Mountain Themes section, posted a video of my online conversation with Malcolm Bates about my book Written in the Snows, to be published by Mountaineers Books in October 2021.
October 2019
In the Mountain Themes section, posted a video of my presentation at the 2017 Northwest Snow and Avalanche Workshop entitled Avalanche Safety, It Takes a Village.
February 2018
In the Mountain Themes section, posted the video finale from "Living Northwest History," my presentation for the 2018 Mountaineers BeWild Speaker Series here.
December 2017
In the Mountain People section, posted a video created for Fred Beckey's public memorial in Seattle here.
November 2017
In the Mountain People section, posted a link to "Sorrow and Sanctuary," a Seattle Times profile of Lowell Skoog.
December 2016
Posted "Rolling Thunder," a previously unpublished story about a close call in the North Cascades, here.
December 2015
Published memories from the celebration of the life of Stephanie Jeanne Subak (my wife) in Seattle on August 29, 2015 here. On February 5, 2016, I posted a diary entry from Steph that I found on her computer. On March 14, 2016, I posted a more personal slideshow memorial to Steph here.
December 2014
Not really an update to this website, but I've started using Facebook to post news and items of more personal interest. The Alpenglow Gallery was created before Facebook existed. Facebook provides an outlet for more personal (and random) observations. You can find my Facebook page here.
November 2014
Moved my online book Written in the Snows from to I decided that ease of maintenance and lower cost outweigh the aesthetic appeal of a separate site. (Sorry, the web version of my book was never completed--just a couple chapters--and it has been taken down now that my book is published in print. The web version exists only on backup disks in my home office.)
November 2014
Moved the Northwest Mountaineering Journal (NWMJ) from the website to following an update to the Mountaineers site that no longer supported the journal properly. The journal's new home is here.
March 2014
• Published "Skiing in Climbing Boots" here.
• Published stories about the Thunder and Logan High Routes here and here.
February 2014
Reprinted "A Backcountry Renaissance" from Backcountry Ski & Snowboard Routes, Washington, here.
January 2013
Added description of Summit Central 'X' Route (a ski mountaineering "skimo" workout at Snoqualmie Pass) here.
July 2012
Added a list of selected web postings by Lowell Skoog here.
December 2011
• Reprinted "Burglars in a Crystal Fortress," from Snow & Spire, here.
• Published full interview from Fifty Classic Ski Descents in North America here.
• Reprinted Lowell Skoog profile from Off-Piste Magazine here.
• Reprinted Carl Skoog tribute from here.
March 2010 and the Northwest Mountaineering Journal ( were presented with a Cyber Award by the International Skiing History Association. Click here.
November 2008
Published "Tips on Skiing Cascade High Routes" here.
December 2007
• Published "Tools or Playthings," about the role of skis in mountaineering here.
• Published "Steep and Far," another essay about ski mountaineering here.
• Published a story about filming KOMO-TV's "Backcountry Ski Tour" here.
• Published a story about filming KOMO-TV's "Goldenhorn Pinnacle" here.
November 2007
Published documentation of Dwight Watson's skis here.
August 2007
Published a chronology of early Northwest paragliding here.
May 2007
Published stories about skiing the Cascade Crest from Mount Baker to Mount Rainier here.
August 2006
Reprinted "Alpinism As Humanism," an essay by Lito Tejada-Flores here.
Reprinted a story about a world record backflip in 1975 here.
July 2006
Published a story about ski racer Sigurd Hall here.
June 2006
Moved my late brother Carl Skoog's website ( here.
May 2005
Published a story about the historic Silver Skis race on Mount Rainier here.
March 2004
Published a story about the historic Patrol Race here.
September 2003
Published a story about the 1953 Ptarmigan Traverse here.
March 2001
Initial publication of the Alpenglow Ski Mountaineering History Project here.
December 1999
Published Sub-Alpinism, the first of the mountain themes here.
April 1999
Published the first edition of the Paragliding section here.
March 1999
Published the Northwest Weather, Snow and Avalanche Info page here.
Fall-Winter 1998-99
Started tinkering with servers, photo scans, and page layout as the idea of a gallery took shape.
May 1997
Registered the domain.
--Lowell Skoog

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